Miss Jane Pitman

  • Slaves recieve freedom

    The emancipation proclamation was formed, which is what ended slavery.
  • Ticey recieves a new name

    When Mis Pittman was 11 years old as a slave her name was Ticey, but that changed when a Yankee soilder from Ohio renamed her Miss Jane Pittman.
  • The war was over

    General Robert E. Lee surrender which proved the north as the winners of the Civil War.
  • Slavery is Abolished

    Slavery had its official abolitishment, freeing all slaves indefinetly, with support of the south. (considering the last freeing was during the war)
  • reconstruction begins

    Reconstruction was the building back of goverment, and In the physical reconstruction of homes and buildings
  • a new home

    Jane and Ned move into Mr. Boone plantation ear she was paid, and ned went to school. She worked in the field.
  • reconstruction ends

    due to economic crashes, and a political scandal reconstruction was put to the side, and somewhat forgotten about forever
  • Ned leaves

    ned joins a committee and goes to Kansas, where he begins a new life, in free land.
  • Ned sends greetings

    jane recieves the first letters from Ned since he left
  • Jane gets married

    Jane Marries Joe Pittman. Joe has two childen, and breaks horses for a living.
  • A new home

    Jane and Joe move to a new plantation were Joe is payed much better, and very apreciated, and Jane can work in the house and take care of there kids
  • the new plantation oldest slave dies.

    Molly was a very kind women who loved her job and didnt want any one to take it, that is why the master loved her. Molly and jane worked together for a brief time, then moved to new one where she later passed from old age
  • Joe Pittman Dies

    Joe mPItman the Husband to Jane dies from a wild black stallion. He fell off the hourse, and was drug to death in the swamps.
  • Plessy v. Ferguson

    THis was a court case that was over a bus integration law which denied Plessy the right to sit first class which is where he bought the ticket.
  • Ned Returns

    Ned was in the us army fighting in Cuba. In 1898 he was returned, and came backto Loisianna to start a school.
  • Albert Cheaveu murders Ned

    Ned was violantly murdered by a klansmen assigned to kill him. Ned started a school, and the klan saw a threat.
  • Albert's death

    The Chariots of hell came, and overtook Albert giving him extreme pain resulting in him yelling for the last years of his life.
  • flood of 1927

    In 1927 the Mississippi riveer flooded resulting in a "high water" in the south.
  • Jane is a Christian

    Jaane had her travels making her christian for her first and final religion.
  • Tee Bob Dies

    Tee Bob commites suicide because he cant marry Mary Agnes.
  • Jimmy is set as the one

    in 35 the black people set him as a black savior, and many truely thought he was the one.
  • Brown v. Topeka

    THis was a court case concerning the intgration of little rock high school, this eventually reached the Arkansas State SUPREME court
  • Jimmy dies

    Jimmy was killed by the klan because he was planning a march on Bayonne
  • Jane Marches

    Jane marches to Bayonne even though Jimmy was dead
  • Jimmy Dies

    jimmy was a civil rights activist that spent his early life in Samson. He was murdered for an attempt to assemble a civil rights rally in bayonne LA
  • Interviews Begin

    At the age of 100 Miss Jane Pitman began her interviews for the Editor which later became thebook