• Chinese Exclusion Act

    The Chinese Exclusion Act was passed by Congress and Signed by President Chester A. Arthur. This Act provided an absolute 10-year ban on Chinese labor immigration. This act also placed new requirements on Chinese who had already entered the country.
  • The mob in Rock Springs

    A mob in Rock Springs, Wyoming Territory, murdered 28 Chinese and drove out hundreds more. The Chinese Exclusion Act nor the violence didnt stop the Chinese from coming to the US. They were held for months at immigration stations.
  • Arriving of Immigrants

    Some 12 million immigrants arrived on U.S shores. About 60% of the people living in the nations 12 largest cities were either foreign born or had foreign born parents.
  • Ellis Island Opened

    Newcombers who passed through Ellis Island were subjected to a physical exam. People with mental disorders, contagious diseases, or other serious health problems were asked to leave. People who passed the physicals entered a maze of crowded aisles where inspectors questioned them about their background, job skills, and relatives.
  • The Geary Act

    When the exclusion act expired, Congress extended it for 10 years in the form of the Geary Act. This act added restrictions by requiring each chinese resident to register and obtain a certificate of residence. If they did not have one they would face deportation.
  • Immigration Restriction League

    Founded in 1894 by wealthy Bostonians, the IRL sought to impose a literacy test on all immigrants. President vetoed this, calling it "illiberal, narrow, and un-American". This made people realize that the rapid industrialization of the US in the late 1800s would have been impossible without immigrant workers.
  • The Great Migration

    Massive movement of about 5 million southern blacks to the north and west because they were not going to advance in anything if they stay in the south.
  • Moving north for desperate jobs

    Almost 4 million blacks left the south for the north and western cities because World War I created a huge demand for workers in northern factories, this is why some blacks took this oportunity to leave the eccnomic conditions in the south. They also were tired of inequality of education, unfair legal system, denial of suffrage, and lynching.
  • Congress Repeals Exclusion Act

    Congress repealed all exclusion acts, this left a yearly limit of 105 chinese and gave foreign-born Chinese the right to seek naturalization.