• Dec 9, 1531

    The Apparition of the Virgin of Guadalupe

  • Sep 12, 1551

    The University of Mexico in Mexico City was founded

  • Cry of Independence

  • Mexico's first presidential election

  • Guadalupe Victoria became the First President

  • Period: to

    The Mexican-American War

  • National anthem written by Francisco González Bocanegra

  • Cinco de Mayo - The Battle of Puebla

  • Juventino Rosas was born

  • Julian Carillo was born

  • Manuel Maria Ponce was born

  • Ricardo Castillo was born

  • Juventino Rosas dies

  • Carlos Chavez was born

  • Blas Galindo Dimes was born

  • Mariachi was declared Mexico’s national music after the Mexican Revolution

  • Manuel Enriquez Salazar was born

  • Joaquin M. Orellana was born

  • Manuel Maria Ponce dies

  • Federico Alvarez del Toro born (1953)

    **Actual month and day of birth are unknown
  • ulian Carillo dies

  • Ricardo Castillo dies

  • Period: to

    Mexico hosted the Summer Olympics

  • Carlos Chavez dies

  • Blas Galindo dimes dies

  • Manuel Enriquez Salazar dies