MayrMann Timeline

  • Weismann Is Born

    Weismann Is Born
    August Weismann is born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
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    August Weismann's Lifetime

    The life and times of August Weismann.
  • Proposal Of Germs

    Weismann propses his germ plasm theory to his colleagues. Stating that in this surrounding plasm, is the hereditary material that is passed down through generations.
  • Das Keimplasma

    Das Keimplasma
    Weismann now publishes his germ plasm theory in his papers The Germ-Plasm: A Theory of Heredity.
  • Mayr Is Born

    Mayr Is Born
    Ernst Walter Mayr is born in Kempten, Germany.
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    Ernst Mayr

    This shows the life of Ernst Mayr.
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  • Weismann's End

    Weismann dies at the age of 80 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. He paved the way for the latter Ernst Mayr.
  • Sighting in the Lakes of Moritzburg

    Sighting in the Lakes of Moritzburg
    Ernst Mayr spots a Red-Crested Pochard in one of the lakes. This bird is the starting point of Mayr's career. This accident led to the re-discovery of a bird not seen in Saxon waters for over 85 years! This also led him to meet with Erwin Stressemann which influenced his career in orinthology. This is the start of Ernst Mayr.
  • Mayr recieves 1st Ph.D

    Mayr recieves his first Ph.D from Humboldt University in Berlin after only 16 months of graduate work and dissertation research.
  • Mayr's Expedition

    Mayr begins his travels to New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. This expedition leads to the discoveration of newn species and roughly 400 subspecies of birds. After skinning the birds, Mayr would eat the meat. Seems Fair.
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  • Expedtion Ends

    Mayr ends his major expedition and returns to his study portion of his career, All of this study will be published in scientific journals and eventually published in his first, and most recognized book.
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  • The First Of Many...

    The First Of Many...
    Ernst Mayr publishses his first book Systematics and the Origin of Species from the Viewpoint of a Zoologist. This lays out the framework for a new approach to biology and starts
  • Mayr Enters Harvard

    Mayr Enters Harvard
    Mayr becomes Alexander Agassiz Professor of Zoology at Harvard University
  • RIP Ernst Mayr

    RIP Ernst Mayr
    Ernst Mayr dies in Bedford, Massachusetts at the age of 100.