Mary Willenstonecraft Shelley

  • Birth

  • Soulmate

    When she is only 16 years old, she runs away with the poet Percy Shelly, who is 21 years old. Percey already had a wife, so this relationship was very shocking for the society.
    Even Mary's father wouldn't forget her for runing away with a married man.
  • Pregnant for the first time

    First child dies
  • Birth of William

    Mary is only 18 yeras old
  • Fanny killed herself

    Fanny was Mary's stephsister
  • Perceys wife kills herself

  • Married

    Percey and Mary got married
  • 3. child - Birth of Clara

  • Frakenstein udkommer

    The idea of Frankenstein comes from some of Mary’s dreams, and this happened when she was on a trip with Shelley and the baron, where they told eachother goststories. This they called ”the summer of darkness”
  • 2 Child dies as 3 years old

    William dies form malaria
  • Clara dies

  • 4. child - Percey

    Survies to adulthood
  • Perecy Shelley dies

    Percey dies only 29 years old. He drownes in a storm
  • Returns to house in Switzerland

    The house were the hole "free love" and ghost stories were formed.
  • Dead

    Mary dies from brain tumor at only 54 years old