Mary Mackillop

By MollyN2
  • Born

    Mary Mackillop was born in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia on the 15th of January 1842.
  • Baptised

    Mary Mackillop was baptised 6 weeks after she was born.
  • First Communion

    Mary Mackillop had her first communion at the early age of 8, in 1850.
  • Job

    Mary Mackillop got a job as a governess at her aunt and uncles place in Penola.
  • School

    She helped her family open a school in 1866.
  • Became a sister

    Mary became the first sister of anew order called 'Order of the sisters of St Josephs'.
  • Queensland

    She went to Queensland in 1869 to establish the order there.
  • Excommunicated

    Mary Mackillop was excommunicated by Bishop Sheil.
  • Period: to


    Mary Mackillop went to Rome for three years to further pursue her faith.
  • Bishop Reynolds

    Order was threatened when Bishop Reynolds wished to destroy, this made Marys job difficult.
  • Removed

    Mary was removed as superior-general in the order of St Joseph. She was removed by Bishop Reynolds.
  • New Zealand

    Mary came to New ealand in 1883 to establish the Order of St Joseh here.
  • Superior- General

    Mary was reinstated as superior-general in around 1897 after Mother Bernard dies.
  • Paralysed

    In 1902 Mary Mackillop had a stroke, which caused her right side to become paralysed.
  • Death

    Mary Mackillop died on the 8th of August 1909 at the age of 67.
  • Canonisation

    Mary Mackillop was canonised on 17 October 2010 in Rome at St Peters Bascilica