• Marie Curie is born

    In Warsaw
  • Marie Curie works as a governess

    At the age of 17, Marie works as a governess to help pay her sister's at medical school in Paris
  • Marie moves to Paris

    To start his studies in physics at the Sorbonne
  • Marie Curie daughter Irène is born

    Who also won a Nobel prize
  • Marie Curie discovers radioactivity

    And 2 other elements, radium and polonium
  • Marie Curie recieves the Nobel prize

    in physics for the discover of radioactive elements
  • His other daughter Ève Curie is born

    She was a writer who wrote a Marie Curie biography.
  • Marie Curie recieves another Nobel prize

    This time a Nobel prize in chemistry also for radioactivity works
  • Marie Curie dies

    For long radioactivity exposure