Marie curie

By yin
  • born

    Marie curie was born on 1867.11.7
  • To be a tudor teacher

    Marie curie wanted go to college in france.But she had no money so she went to be a tudor teacher.
  • college

    Marrie curie took enough money,and went to sor-bonne college to study physiol and maths.
  • love

    Marie curie was married Pierre curie.
  • Poionium

    Marie curie found the Poionium with her huaband .
  • Radium

    Marie curie found the Radium with her huaband.
  • frist nobel

    Marie gei her first nobel awards.
  • Second nobel

    Marie curie got the second nobel awards
  • BOOK

    Marie curie wrote a book called <radioactive material research>
  • Marie curie was died on 1934.7.4

    Marie curie was died on 1934.7.4