Mage Timeline

  • 1260

    Mae Born

    Mae is born, becoming a leech finger a few short years later.
  • Witch Hunt

    Witch Hunt
    A group of women set off to restore an artifact and stop a witch hunt killing actual Mages.
    Notable: Mirza's mother, Layla, is introduced as a Changeling and later reclaimed by the fae
  • Apollo and Artemis born

    Apollo and Artemis born
    Apollo and Artemis Law are born to Leto Law, who does not disclose their father, Azrael Sinagra, to them for many years.
  • Veronica born

    Veronica born
    Veronica/Tiffany born to Marina and Ryu Mars
  • Emmett born

    Emmett born
    Emmett/Fletcher is born to Desmond and Lyra Pryce
  • Blake born

    Blake born
    Blake/Daniel born to Elizabeth and Andrew Black
  • The Nightmare King

    The Nightmare King
    A Changeling's fetch, Oliver Kent, is disposed and sent away with a fae heart. It warps him into a terrorist bent on taking control of the Orders, via promising the return of dead loved ones, and getting his lost family returned to him.
    Notable: Those who followed Oliver spread seeds of dissent in the Orders that has far reaching consequences
  • Nightmare King 2: Legacies

    Nightmare King 2: Legacies
    A new terrorists steps in and takes up the Nightmare King mantle. Using Magitek, special artifacts created by prodigy Aaron Dodge, Leto Law is able to do a significant amount of damage and force current Guardians head, Aisling Grenier, to step down. Aaron himself disappears with the fae heart, ending the insurgence, but it is unlikely the troubles in the orders have ended.
    Notable: Deities influence in the Orders first appears.
  • Iris born

    Iris born
    Iris Niiro (later Law) is born
  • Teammates Forever

    Teammates Forever
    A group of Mages is caught by Hunters using magic and sentenced to death. A few escape, surviving both Hunter and Guardians persecution.
  • Soul Jar

    Soul Jar
    A lich, Judith Wren, hires a group of under the radar Mages to help stop her husband from creating a lich coven.
    Notable: The first appearance of Blake, Emmett, and Veronica, as well as the introduction to Fairview itself
  • Cara born

    Cara/Melanie is born to Jane and Lars Wren
  • Team Hero

    Team Hero
    A extremely powerful Time Mage, Nate, gathers a team in hopes he can revive a goddess before her mate's powers further devastate the world's population with a terrible plague. A skilled member of his line, Nerva, attempts to achieve godhood herself through use of the artifacts.
  • Damn it, Nate

    Damn it, Nate
    When a malicious Nate shoves all the timelines together, he returns them to the point before Blake and the original Team Hero saved the world and, more importantly to him, put Nate back together. A new team is brought together across time to set it to rights.
  • Into the Woods

    Into the Woods
    A malicious Mage attempts to recreate fairytales using the powers of Mages and Changelings.
  • Black Wedding

    Black Wedding
    Blake and Talon Black marry
  • Lake Pontratrain

    Lake Pontratrain
    A Mage destined to die resealing a powerful spirit, the King's Fool, hires a group to guide her safely there.
  • Henry's Despair

    Henry's Despair
    Using the Mirror of Many Paths, Henry and Hermione gather a group of expendable Mages to set right a bad future in which the Deities have won.
  • The Black Quadruplets Born

    The Black Quadruplets Born
    Leonardo/Tane, Claudia/Kestrel,Malik/Hari and Noire/Dove born to Talon and Blake Black
  • The Ten Wedding

    The Ten Wedding
    Sarca and John marry
  • The Twelve Born

    The Twelve Born
    Sarca and John's dozen children are born
  • The Mad

    The Mad
    Donata, former Guardians leader, recruits a team to help take out the powerful Mage supremacist cult, the Deities. This included battle an army of zombie like force awakening victims known as the Mad.
  • The Law Wedding

    The Law Wedding
    Apollo and Eve Law marry
  • Mozart's War

    Mozart's War
    During a mission intending to save Hunter children from a brutal life, changeling Mozart must also save his wife and the children from a coalition of fae.
    Notable: Later, it becomes clear that Mirza's mother, Layla, orchestrated the entire thing
  • Leander born

    Leander born
    Leander is born to Finnick and Anya Grant
  • Mozart's War 2: The Ghost Singer

    Mozart's War 2: The Ghost Singer
    Mozart takes a group to Ireland to finally destroy Oliver Kent's fae heart and help out his sister.
    Notable: Mirza "Dies" by Mozart's hand
  • The Pryce Wedding

    The Pryce Wedding
    Emmett and Abbey Pryce marry
  • Atlantis

    A group of Mages go in search of artifacts said to lead them to the lost city of Atlantis.
  • The Search

    The Search
    A werewolf village in Colby, Kansas is attacked and a team of their citizens must track down and save their pack leaders. They face a dangerous group of Hunters and the Pure, working in tandem to destroy Colby's way of life.
  • The Return of Team Hero

    The Return of Team Hero
    Blake and a group of interns are drawn into the God of Death and Time's plan to destroy the world, thanks to Blake's involvement in bringing together Dante and Angel eight years before.
  • More Black Children Born

    More Black Children Born
    Ra/Falcon and Vakyrie/Bluebird born to Blake and Talon Black
  • Electra Born

    Electra Born
    Electra/Princess Rachel Pryce born to Emmett and Abbey Pryce
  • Hell's Fire

    Hell's Fire
    When future pack leader Corona goes missing, and Tobias is accused of his sister's murder, it's up to the saviors of Colby to track down the pack leader's daughter and set things right.
  • Keystone

    A group discovers they are reincarnations of people who died in a tragic demon attack in the famous El Dorado. Together, they manage to kill the demon and end the cycle.
  • The Law Twins Born

    The Law Twins Born
    Marcello and Michelangelo born to Eve and Apollo Law
  • Johnathan Born

    Johnathan Born
    Helios/J.P born to Emmett and Abbey Pryce
  • Sara Born

    Sara Born
    Pandora/Sara born to Abbey and Emmett Pryce
  • Mozart's War 3: Smoke Rises

    Mozart's War 3: Smoke Rises
    Dangerous near fae Mirza completes his descent into madness after Silver Ladder interference gets his sister killed
  • Larsinic Born

    Larsinic Born
    Warden/Larsinic born to Marco and Lily Auditore
  • Christiana Born

    Christiana Born
    Nyx/Princess Christiana Pryce born to Emmett and Abbey Pryce
  • Changeling: The Innocent

    Changeling: The Innocent
    A group of recently freed Changelings search for powerful fae killing weapons.
  • Zaahir born

    Zaahir born
    Zaahir is born to Rajani and Robert In'am
  • Unnamed Innocent Sequel

  • Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty
    Two Hunters attempt to eradicate all Mages on Earth via the use of a powerful artifact known as Sleeping Beauty.
    Notable: This artifact also made an appearance on a smaller scale during the Search, where it was revealed it's a bloodline locked artifact only the Wraxford family can fully control.
  • Damn It Nate Divergence Point

    Damn It Nate Divergence Point
    The timelines are reset from this point when the evil Nate combines them together.
    Emmett's last memory is of being on the train.
  • The Domes

    The Domes
    Seventeen years after an outbreak of plague targeting only Mages, a new society has formed protecting the survivors in massive domes. Power struggles are constant and right now the most stable - the Four Horseman, each ruling their own tower - are at war, threatening to shake the very foundation the Immune worked so hard to build.
  • The Star's Path

    The Star's Path
    A group of civilians are chosen randomly to investigate a Sleepwalker Terrorist group who is kidnapping magical beings, largely children, after official attempts have failed.
  • The Moon's Path

    The Moon's Path
    After the success of the ragtag team in the previous mission, the assembly decides to use the same methods to recruit a new team - and take down the still not defeated Liberators of Humanity.
  • Sun's Path

    Sun's Path
    Two years after the first take down of the Liberators of Humanity, the final general remains at large. Given the success of previous missions, volunteers of political unknowns step up to the plate to take down the Sun General and his group once and for all.
  • Murder Most Foul IN SPACE

    Murder Most Foul IN SPACE
    Dat Hesk Campaign