Beethoven 150 kopie

Ludwig van Beethoven

  • Birth

    Ludwig van Beethoven is born in Bonn in a small house.
  • First Apperance

    First Apperance
    Beethoven's first apperance on the piano in public.
  • Gets First Job

    Gets First Job
    Beethoven's first job as deputy court organist at age 14.
  • Beethoven meets Motzart

    Beethoven meets Motzart
    Beethoven travels to Vienna to study with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at 17 years old.
  • Joseph Haydn

    Joseph Haydn
    Joseph Haydn goes to Bonn to meet Beethoven and asked Beethoven to come to Vienna.
  • First Work

    First Work
    Beethoven publishes his first work in Vienna, he played three piano trios.
  • First Symphony

    First Symphony
    Beethoven complets writing his first symphony.
  • Fifth Symphony

    Fifth Symphony
    Beethoven composses his fifth symphony.
  • Sixth Symphony

    Sixth Symphony
    Beethoven composses his sixth symphony.
  • Seventh Symphony

    Seventh Symphony
    Beethoven composses his seventh symphony.
  • Eighth Symphony

    Eighth Symphony
    Beethoven composses his eighth symphony.
  • Begining Ninth Symphony

    Beethoven begins his ninth symphony.
  • Finished Ninth Symphony

    Finished Ninth Symphony
    Beethoven compltes his ninth symphony.
  • Illness

    Beethoven becomes very ill of lead poisoning.
  • Death

    Beethoven dies during a sudden thunder storm.
  • Remembered

    Parts of Beethoven's ninth symphony is played durning the XVIII(18th) winter olympics.