Louis xiv of france

Louis XIV Of France

  • Louis XIV is born

  • Period: to

    Birth - Death of Louis XIV

  • Death of Louis XIII, accsession of Louis XIV

  • Louis XIV Declared of Age

  • Louis XIV Crowned and Consecrated at Rheims

  • Marriage of Louis XIV with Maria Teresa, Infanta of Spain

  • Birth of Louis' first illegitimate child; between 1662 and 1678

  • Charles II sells Dunkirk to Louis XIV for five million francs.

  • Death of Louis' wife Maria Teresa.

  • Louis XIV ends the regale dispute with the papacy, setting aside the Gallican articles.

  • Louis XIV accepts the will of Carlos II.

  • Louis XIV extends the advantages held by the Dutch in respect of French tariffs

  • Louis XIV withdraws his promise of freedom of worship in the principality of Orange

  • Louis XIV Dies