Armstrong 1

Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong

  • Birthday!!

    Louis "satchmo" Armstrong is born to Maryann Armstrong- a domestic worker and Willie Armstrong- a turpentine factory worker
  • movin time

    movin time
    moved to Chicago and played second cornet in Joe "King" Olivers band.
  • first album

    first album
    Armstrong relesed his first album Heebie Jeebie.
  • movies1

    appeared in Pennies from Heaven
  • Armstrong Stands up for Little rock nine

    Armstrong Stands up for Little rock nine
    When the Little Rock Nine students weren't allowed in by the Gov. of Arkansas and Eisenhower hesitated. Armstrong criticized the president publicly. He even offered to go there persnoally and escort the students.
  • Interview

    told interviewer that he had got to stay in a expensive whites only hotel. He broke down many racial barriers. One other one is that he got to play on whites only stages.
  • movies 2

    movies 2
    he was in Hello Dolly and sang several songs.
  • Funeral

    died in his sleep at his home in Queens, New York haveing sufered a heart attack earlier that year.