Louis Braille

By 1069184
  • Louis Braille born

    Louis Braille born in Coupvray, France
  • Louis Braille has his accident

    Louis Braille has the accident that eventually causes him to go blind. He is poked in the eye with an awl in his father's workshop.
  • Louis Braille goes to Paris

    Louis leaves Coupvray with his father bound for Paris to begin attending the Royal Institute for Blind Youth.
  • Period: to

    Braille invents new alphabet

    Braille invents new alphabet for visually impaired people to use, eventually named braille, based on sonography.
  • Louis Braille made full professor

    Louis Braille is made full professor at the Institute after apprenticing for 2 years.
  • Louis Braille publishes his book

    Louis Braille publishes his book called Methods of Writing Words, Music, and Plain Songs, by Means of Dots, for Use by the Blind and Arranged for Them. This book details his braille alphabet and music braille.
  • Braille introduces raphigraphy

    Louis Braille introduces raphigraphy, a system of writing for both sighted and visually impaired people, using raised dots in the shapes of letters.
  • Braille and Foucault developed raphigraphe

    Louis Braille, with his friend Foucault, developed a machine called a raphigraphe to print the raphigraphy alphabet. This machine became a prototype of the modern calculator.
  • Dedication Day celebration

    Dedication Day celebration at the new National Institute for Blind Youth in Paris. Female students are admitted for the first time. Louis Braille has an exhibit to show his braille writing system to those who come.
  • Louis Braille dies

    Louis Braille dies of tuberculosis at age 43 in Paris, France