Louis armstrong st pete times

Louis Armstrong, a legend in music

By tumnus
  • Louis was born

    Louis was born
    He was born into a poor family of slaves, who ived in "the back of town" a dangerous place of New Oleans. Unfortunately his father william left the family soon after he was born.
  • Beatrice Armstrong collins

    Beatrice Armstrong collins
    Beatrice is seen here on the right side of mother, Mary "Mayann" Albert. It is actually unknown what day beatrice was born. when she was a toddler, her mother left louis and her to live whith their grandmother.
  • dropping out

    dropping out
    Louis decided to drop out of Fisk school at 11 years old, to complete a quartet of boys who sang on the street for money.
  • a married man

    a married man
    Louis got married to Daisy Parker. Soon after the new couple adopted a three year old boy ,Clarence Armstrong. Unfortunately the marriage didn't work out and the couple divorsed. Shortly after the seperation Daisy passed away.
  • Replacing his teacher

    Replacing his teacher
    Louis replaced his teacher and mentor Joe 'king' Oliver when he decided to retire and move up north. this is really when Louis had a chance at something real playing the cornet.
  • Moving to Chicago

    Moving to Chicago
    Louis was invited by his old mentor Joe 'king' Oliver to join the Creole jazz band in Chicago
  • Period: to

    The career of Satchmo

    This is when Louis' career really took off.
  • put on vinyl

    put on vinyl
    Gennette and Okeh labels became the first to record Louis
  • remarried

    Louis married his second wife Lil Hardin Armstrong, an accomplished pianist from Memphis, Tennesse
  • divorse

    Sometime in August of 1931 Lil Hardin and Louis seperated.
  • death of the legend

    death of the legend
    Louis died of a heart attack in Queens, New York