Literature History

  • Period: 450 to 1066

    Old English

  • 750

    Beowulf epic poem

    Beowulf epic poem
    Between the years 700 and 750, the Germanic poem was written
  • 750

    Other great poetry works were written

    During this time, other poems like The Wanderer, The Seafarer, The Battle of Maldon, and The Dream of the Rood were written.
  • 750

    Anonymous poems

    Anonymous poems
    Most of the poems and writings were written by anonymous people, just this ones are the ones that we knew about Caedmon, Bede, Alfred, and Cynewulf.
  • Period: 1066 to 1500

    Middle English

  • 1189

    The Owl and the Nightingale

    The Owl and the Nightingale
    The owl and the Nightingale was the most recognize poem of this period, this makes part of the debate genre.
  • 1200

    Epic Poem Brut by Lawamon

    The epic poem Brut by Lawamon was written with influence of the French Model.
  • 1200

    Some writers from Middle English

    Some writers from Middle English
    Some writers from this period were anonymous but the recognized ones are Roger Bacon (1214 - 1294), William Caxton (1422-1491), Geoffrey Chaucer (1340 - 1400) and John Gower (1330 - 1408), John most recognized poem was the Confessio Amantis.
  • 1300

    The Ormulum

    The Ormulum
    The Ormulum by Orm was an idiosyncratic write.
  • 1500

    Some authors of the period

    Some authors from this period are Thomas Dekker (Most famous dramatist), William Rowley (1585 - 1626) and William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
  • Period: 1500 to

    English Renaissance

  • 1526

    Bible translation by William Tyndale

    Bible translation by William Tyndale
    Durint this period people wanted to read the bible, thats why William Tyndale led this translation.
  • 1541

    The father of the English Prose

    The father of the English Prose
    During this period the writer Roger Ascham began with the Protestant Reformation.
  • Poet Edmund Spenser

    Poet Edmund Spenser
    This poet most imporant verse epic was The Faerie Queene that had a strong influence on English literature.
  • Miguel de Cervantes

    Miguel de Cervantes
    Miguel de Cervantes was a spanish writer and one of the worlds pre-eminent novelist. His most famous novel is Don Quixote.
  • Period: to

    Puritan Period

  • Paradise Lost

    Paradise Lost
    Paradise Lost is the most famous poem writted by John Milton and talks about Adan and Eve's sin.
  • Period: to

    Restoration literature

  • The Country Wife

    This sexual comedy was written by William Wycherley, it satirizes the sexual duplicity of the aristocracy during the reign of Charles II.
  • The Pilgrim’s Progress

    This allegoy prose was written by John Bunyan in 1678, and talks about a person who represents mankind in general
  • John Dryden

    John Dryden
    John Dryden was the great literary figure of this time (1631 - 1700) his most famous poem is bsalom and Achitophel
  • Development of modern novels

    During this period, the modern novels born as a literary genre
  • Period: to

    18th Century

  • Robinson Crusoe

    Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe's is the best known first novel in English.
  • The Tears of Scotland

    Tobias Smollett wrote her first poem about the battle of Culloden
  • William Blake

    William Blake
    He wrote visionary and imaginary poetry dificult to understand
  • The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, Or Gustavus Vassa

    One of the first slave narratives was published by James Fenimore Cooper
  • Dream of the red chamber

    Was published for the first time in movable format.
  • Begining of Romatic period

    Begining of Romatic period
    This period began with the publishing of Lyrical Ballads by William Wordsworth
  • Period: to


  • John Keats

    John Keats is one of the most popular poets of the second generation of romantic writers, He is know for his Odes like Ode to a Nightingale and Ode on a Grecian Urn.
  • Period: to

    Victorian Period

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Was a very influential writer in Romanticism period. her most recognized work is Self-Reliance
  • Dramatic Monologue

    Dramatic Monologue
    During this period the Dramatic Monologue was developed, My last Duchess is one of the most famous examples of this genre.
  • Jane Eyre

    Jane Eyre was a gothic novel writed by Charlotte Brontë, that uses a Gothic, fiction sensations.
  • Walden

    Thoreau went out from the wilderness writing Walden
  • Genres during this period

    During this period writers uses different genres to their novels like, Gothic, Psychological realism, Social realism, Industrial novels, and Satirical realism
  • Influence of the modernist literature

    The theories of Sigmund Freud and Ernst Mach influence the modernist literature, Mach argued in his book the science of mechanics.
  • Hunger

    Hunger is a Novel writted by Knut Hamsun and it was the most relevant novel of the moment.
  • Period: to

    Modern Literature

  • The metamorphosis, the trial, the castle.

    This novels and books were written by Franz Kakfa and are the most best-known works.
  • Late Modernism

    Late modernism is called to the published works after 1930, some writers from this modernism are Wallace Stevens, Anna Akhmatova, and Thomas Mann
  • Period: to

    Postmodern Literature

  • Experimental Literature

    Experimental Literature
    This literature emerged in the USA through the writings of Kurt Vonnegut, Thomas Pynchon, Philip K. Dick, Kathy Acker, and John Barth
  • Influences from this period

    Influences from this period
    The most notable influences from this period are August Strindber novelist, Luigi Pirandello dramatist, and Bertolt Brech theatre practitioner and poet.