Lindsey Sullenger Famous Dead Guy Timeline

  • 101

    Demoncritus. 429 BC

    First peron to think of the atom
    Thought atom was a solid sphere.
  • 101

    Aristotles 400 BC

    Thought atom was made up of the four elements:fire, air, earth, water
  • Newton

    Tiny pieces of mass "swimming everywhere"
  • Dalton

    -All matter = atoms(true)
    -Atoms cannot be destoyed(false, nuclear reaction)
    -Atoms of the same elemnet are identical(false, isotopes)
    -Different elements = different atoms(true)
    -Chemical recations can rearrange atoms(true)
    -Compounds =atoms of different elements(true)
  • Thomspon

    Experiment: Cathode Ray Tube
    Proved exsistence of negitively charged particles, later called electrons. (called the choclate chip cookie or plum pudding)
  • Andrews

    Experiement: Oil Drop
    -measured charge of a single electron
  • Rutherford

    Experiment- Gold Foil
    - atom has central positive nuclues surrounded by negative orbiting electrons
  • Bohr

    -Depicted atoms of small, positively charged nucleus surrounded by electrons.
    -Electrons travel in circle motion(like solar system)
  • Milikan

    Identified 212 neutral isotopes of non-radioactive elements
  • Aston

    Discovered isotopes of non-radioactive elements
  • Schrodinger

    -Atoms consist of nucleus and clouds
    -Formula calculated odds where electrons may be
    -Bohr model wrong
  • Chadwick

    Discovered neutron