Life of Paul Crabbe

  • Period: to

    Pauls Life

  • The Maestro

    Paul meets Keller who is a music Maestro and begins lessons with him.
  • Love

    Paul meets a girl named megan and falls in love with her
  • Dinner

    Keller goes to dinner at Paul's parents house to celebrate Pauls A+ result on the piano exam. Everyone praises Paul except Keller.
  • Intermezzo

    Travels to Adelaide to visit his family. While in Adelaide Paul visits the libary to find information on Keller. In the Libary Paul witnesses having sex in the libary.
  • The Changing

    Paul begins to change in many aspects of his life. He begins a stronger relationship with Keller. During this Paul shows more involvment in friends and the social side of life.
  • The girl

    Rosie Zella moves to Darwin and is atracted to Paul.
  • The Scrapbook

    Paul sneaks a look at Keller's scrapbook. he takes it home to read but his father forbids him to read anymore.
  • Botanical Gardens

    Paul’s parents organise a
    performance by the Brisbane Symphony Orchestra. Keller arrives very drunk
    and Paul’s parents invite him to sit with them. Rosie sits with Paul and during
    the performance they become aware of their mutual sexual attraction.
  • Bully Music

    Paul is convinces the bullies to let him in their band. So they dont kick him out of the music room. he is accepted into their band and friendship group
  • Sexual experience

    Paul has sex with Megan Murray and Rosie.
  • Battle of the Sounds

    Ruff Stuff win the battle of the sound NT. This wins them a trip to Adelaide.
  • Adelaide

    Travels to Adelaide to visit his family. While he is there he enters a music competion. However, Paul dosent succed (3rd place).
  • Dinner

    Keller goes to dinner at Pauls house
  • Vienna

    Paul searches for Kellers past in Austria.
  • The death

    Keller dies