Life of George Africanus

  • George Africanus is born

    George Africanus is born in a village in Siera Leone, Africa.
  • Period: to

    Life of George Africanus

  • George Africanus arrives in England

    George Africanus arrives in England in early 1766 and he is presented as a gift to Benjamin Molineux and is allocated to Wolverhampton.
  • George Africanus is Baptised and given his full name

    George Africanus is baptised as George John Scipio Africanus by Benjamin Molineux and is educated by him. He will work as an apprenticed brass founder for most of his early life.
  • Benjamin Molineux dies

    Benjamin Molineux, the master of George Africanus, dies and leaves all his belongings to his eldest son, George Molineux. George Molineux takes over the education of George Africanus.
  • George Africanus moves to Nottingham

    George Africanus moves to Nottingham as an adult in 1784 and plans to start a business. This movement may have been because he had visited the city wen he attended a funeral.
  • George Africanus married

    George Africanus met and married a local girl by the name of Esther Shaw.
  • George Africanus starts a business

    George Africanus founds Africanus' Register of Servants together with Esther Shaw. It is located in their home, 28 Chandlers Lane.
  • Slavery is made illegal in the UK

    The slave trade is officially made illegal, allowing all slaved to be freed at once.
  • George Africanus Dies

    George Africanus dies as Nottingham's first blackk entrepreneur
  • Esther Africanus dies

    Esther Africanus dies at the age of 85. She ran Africanus' Resister of Servants for 19 years following George Africanus' death.