• Titles of Antoine Lavoisier

    Born to a wealthy family in Paris in August 26, 1743,
    Antoine Lavoisier,
    French chemist,
    French noblemen,
    Considered "Father of Modern Chemistry",
    Husband of Marie-Anne Perriette Paulze.
  • Education and young life

    Began schooling at College des Quatre-Nations at the age of eleven,
    He recieved a law degree
    In 1764 he read his paper to the French Academy of Sciences
    He studied chemistry,botany,astronamy mathmatics, and philosiphy.
  • Occupation and Studies

    Attended Natural Science lectures,
    Conducted many experiments, including Oxygen Theory of Combustian
  • Death and Legacy

    Established consistent use of the chemical balance,
    Used oxygen to overthrow phlogiston theory,
    Contributed to early on composition.