Korey's Timeline

  • The Battle of Lake Erie

    Captain Oliver Perry defeated the British Navy during the war of 1812.
  • William Sydney Porter

    Porter, having little to say in his own defense, was found guilty of embezzlement in February 1898, sentenced to five years in prison, and imprisoned on March 25, 1898.
  • Jesse James' Death

    Jesse James was adjusting a picture on the wallat his home, and Bob Ford shot him dead.
  • George Eastman Receives Patent For Kodak Camera

    He invented a little box-shaped camera. It couldbe held in a person's hand rather than having to be placed on a stand.
  • Jane Addams Opens Hull House

    First settlement house in America located in the near west side of Chicago, Illinois.
  • First Championship Fight Under the Queensberry Rules

    The first heavyweight title fight, between John L. Sullivan and "Gentleman Jim" Corbett, fought under the Queensberry rules, took place in New Orleans, Lousiana.
  • First Plane Tragedy

    Thomas Selfridge, lieutenant in the U.S Signal Corps was the victim of the first airplane crash at Fort Myer.
  • Jesse Owens

    On Sepetember 12th, Jesse Owens, the fastest man in the world, was born. In 1936, he was sent to Olypmics in Berlin Germany.