Ken Follet

Timeline created by Jose Ángel Barrios
  • Ken Follett has born

    Ken Follett has born
    He is a British thriller and historic writer who was born in cardiff, Gales
  • University College of London

    Follett join in the University College of London, there he studied philosophy.
  • matriculate in a journalism

    He matriculated in journalism about 3 months, after that, he worked in South Wales Echo
  • Period: to

    Serie Apples Carstairs

    it is a serie form by 3 books with the alias of Simon Myles: The Big Needle, The Big Black, The Big Hit
  • Period: to

    Serie Piers Roper

    the serie of Piers Roper the spy it is form by 2 books: The Shakeout, The Bear Raid.
  • Period: to

    Works under the alias of Bernard L.Ross

    Amok: King of Legend (1976) and Capricorn One (1978)
  • Period: to

    Works under the alias of Zachary Stone.

    The Modigliani Scandal (1976), Paper Money (1977)
  • ken become famous

    He become famous with "Storm Island", and won the edgar awards with the same book.
  • Edgar award

    Edgar award
    this award is for "The eye of the needle"
  • the pilars of the earth

    the pilars of the earth
    at this time Follett publish the pilars of the earth
  • Bancarella award

    Bancarella award
    this award is for the "The Hammer of Eden"
  • Corine Literature Prize

    this award is for "Jackdaws"
  • International Thriller Writers Awards

    this award is to the Thrillermaster of the year.