Kate Chopin's Life

  • Kate's Birthday

    Kate's Birthday
    Kate was born in St. Louis, Missouri to parents Thomas O'Flaherty and Eliza Faris O'Flaherty.
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    Kate Choplin's Life

  • Schooling

    At five and a half years old, she was sent to The Sacred Heart Academy, a Catholic boarding school in St. Louis.
    Father killed in train accident.
  • Confirmation

    She was confirmed in the Catholic Church by Archbishop Peter Richard Kenrick.
  • Deaths in the family

    Grandmother dies. Half-brother George dies of typhoid fever.
  • Graduation

    She graduated from Sacred Heart Academy.
  • First Story

    She begins writting her first story, "Emancipation: A Life Fable" - a short story about freedom and restriction.
  • Marries Oscar Chopin

    Marries Oscar Chopin
    She marries Oscar Chopin. They honeymoon in Europe then move to New Orleans.
  • Oscar Dies

    Oscar dies of malaria, leaving Kate with a heavy debt and six young boys.
  • Kate's Mother Dies

  • Writes "Euphrase"

  • First Poem

    First Poem
    Publishes her first poem "If It Might Be" in America.
  • Writes "Mrs. Mobry's Reason" and "A Shameful Affair"

    Kate writes "Mrs. Mobry's Reason" and "A Shameful Affair," which are published in the New Orleans Times-Democrat in 1893. She publishes more stories in Youth's Companion and Harper's Young People.
  • Writes "A Respectable Woman"

  • Writes The Awakening

    Writes The Awakening
  • Publishes The Awakening

    Publishes The Awakening
    The Awakening was published by Herbert S. Stone and Company on April 22, 1899.
  • Writes and publishes "The Wood-Choppers"

  • Publishes her last story "Polly"

  • Kate's Death

    Kate's Death
    She dies from a cerebral hemorrhage after collapsing at the World's Fair two days before.