Kamila's Life

  • 9/11

    twin towers had a plane go through them
  • day of birth

    Kamila was born in Saint Mary's Hospital in downtown gr.
  • kamila starts walking

    kamila starts walking
    (1 yo) kamila starts taking steps
  • flied to Poland

    flied to Poland
    (2 yo) Kamilas family flew to Poland for her mothers moms funeral
  • parents buy a house

    parents buy a house
    (3 yo) After having Kamila, Joanna, and Glen decide they need to get a house for their second daughter on the way
  • sister was born

    (4 yo) Kamilas sister Kendra is born
  • disney trip

    disney trip
    (5 yo) Kamila and her family went to Disney world for a week.
  • Kamila starts ballet

    Kamila starts ballet
    (6 yo) Kamila starts ballet and dance classes
  • father daughter dance

    father daughter dance
    (7 yo) daddy-daughter dance was held at school, and Kamila's dad attended with her.
  • yogi bear camping trip

    yogi bear camping trip
    (8 yo) Kamila's family and family friends went to Yogi Bear National Park to camp.
  • Chicago aquarium trip

    Chicago aquarium trip
    (9 yo) Kamila and her family take a train down to Chicago to go to a shedd aquarium show.
  • great wolf lodge pt 1

    great wolf lodge pt 1
    (10 yo) kamilas family goes to great wolf lodge to celebrate the youngest daughters birthday
  • Panama city beach Florida

    Panama city beach Florida
    (11 yo) Kamila's family and her oldest cousin from Poland take a trip to Florida.
  • great wolf lodge pt 2

    great wolf lodge pt 2
    (12 yo) Kamilas family and extended family visit great wolf lodge.
  • wisconsin

    (13 yo) Kamila's family takes a trip to Wisconsin to see uncle bob and aunt pat
  • covid

    huge bacteria killing many people
  • parents get divorced

    parents get divorced
    (14 yo) Joanna and glen get separated
  • lake house up north

    lake house up north
    (15 yo) Kamila's family goes up north to a family friend's cottage.
  • Kamila gets first car

    Kamila gets first car
    (16 yo) kamilas mom buys her first car for her
  • Miami trip

    Miami trip
    (17 yo) Kamila, her mom, and her sister take a trip to Miami beach.