Jules Verne

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  • Birth

    Jules Gabriel Verne was born on Île Feydeaua small artificial island on the Loire River within the town of Nantes, France.
  • Studies in Paris

    Studies in Paris
    He finished his studies in Paris and he recived from a lawywer, during the French Revolution
  • A drama in Mexico

    A drama in Mexico
    A story situted in the Port of Acapulco and Mexico City
  • Paris in the 20th century

    Paris in the 20th century
    This was the first work of scientific fction and in turn, the first novel written by Verne; however, it was not printed until 1994.
  • Success

    The work that would lead him to succes would be "Five weeks in a balloon" published by the editor Hetzel.
  • 20000 leagues under the sea

    20000 leagues under the sea
    It is publlished in 1869, and is about the adventures of a man named Aronax and his friends aboard a great submarine named Nautilus that can dive very deep into the sea and its captain Nemo.
  • A terrible incident

    A terrible incident
    His nephew named Gaston, who suffered from mental illness, shot Verne on the left leg.
    Thanks to that, Verne limped the rest of his life.
  • Death

    Unfortunately, Jules Verne died because of diabtes in Amiens, France.