the life of Johnny Cash

  • Johnny cash was born.

    Johnny cash was born.
    Born J.R. Cash to Ray and Carrie Cash.
  • Period: to

    birth to death

  • Death of Older Brother, Jack

    Death of Older Brother, Jack
    Pulled onto a saw blade while cutting posts. J.R. was fishing during this time.
  • Joined the Air Force

    Joined the Air Force
    J.R. served 3 years in Germany.
  • First Marriage

    First Marriage
    Married Vivian Liberto.
  • Sun Records

    Sun Records
    Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two get a record deal from Sam Phillips and Sun Records.
  • Folsom Prison Blues

    Folsom Prison Blues
    Folsom Prison Blues goes out and gets Top 5 Country Singles.
  • Drug Abuse Begins.

    Drug Abuse Begins.
    Cash began hevaley drinking and taking amphetamines and barbiturates
  • Forest Fire

    Forest Fire
    Cash causes a forest fire Los Padres National Forest. Government sues for $125,172 but ends up settling for $82,001.
  • kicking the Habbit

    kicking the Habbit
    While attempting suicide cash had a spirtual encouter and quit drinking and drugs
  • Death to Man in Black

    Death to Man in Black
    Johnny Cash died at his Baptist Hospital in Nashville on September 12, 2003.