John Tyler

  • Birth

    John Tyler was born on March 29, 1790 in Greenway, Virginia. His parents were John Tyler Sr. and Mary Marot Armistead.
  • Mother death

    John Tyler's mother, Mary Marot Armistead died on
    April 15, 1797 when Tyler was only 7 years old
  • schooling

    age of 12, Tyler attended the College of William and Mary to study law to become a lawyer
  • Graduated

    In 1807, Tyler graduated Collage
  • Military

    In 1812, John Tyler joined the Virginia militia, but did not see any action.
  • Fathers death

    Fathers death
    on January 06, 1813 John Tyler sir passes away
  • first marriage

    first marriage
    on March 29, 1813, Tyler married his first wife, Letitia Tyler.
  • House of Representatives

    House of Representatives
    in 1816, Tyler started serving his term in the House of Representatives
  • HoR term

    In 1821. John Tyler leaves the House of Representatives
  • Virginia Governor

    Virginia Governor
    John Tyler was In office for governor of Virginia from December 10, 1825 – March 4, 1827.
  • Vice President

    The Whigs nominated Tyler for Vice President in 1840, hoping for support from southern states’ righters
  • Tyler takes office

    Tyler takes office
    on April 4, 1841, the 9thg president of the United States, William Henry Harrison, dies in office after 31 days. Nobody knew what to do, so John Tyler, vice president, was now president.
  • Webster-Ashburton Treaty

    Webster-Ashburton Treaty
    on August 09, 1842 the Webster-Ashburton Treaty was signed, normalizing U.S.-British relations by adjusting the Maine-Brunswick border, settling boundary issues around western Lake Superior, and resurveying numerous smaller borders.
  • Lititia Tyler death

    Lititia Tyler death
    On September 10, 1842 john tylers first wife, Lititia Tyler, died.
  • 2nd marrage

    2nd marrage
    on June 26, 1844, John Tyler married his 2nd wife, Julia Gardiner. He was the first president to marry in office.
  • Texas Annexation

    Texas Annexation
    On March 1st, 1845 President John Tyler signed a joint resolution to annex Texas. The resolution called for Texas to enter the United States directly as a state, with its boundaries to be determined after annexation. Under the new resolution, the United States would not assume the Republic of Texas's sizable debt, but the new state would be allowed to keep its vast public lands
  • Florida

    On March 03, 1845 Florida is admitted as a state, making it the twenty-seventh state in the Union
  • End time in office

    On March 04, 1845 John Tyler's presidential term ends he goes back home to his plantation in Virginia
  • Peace Convention

    In 1860, with the Civil War coming, Tyler tried to avert the conflict by chairing a "Peace Convention" between representatives of both northern and southern states. Unfortunately, no agreement could be reached between Tyler and President-elect Abraham Lincoln, and the Richmond Convention collapsed in failure.
  • Confederate House of Representatives

    Confederate House of Representatives
    In late 1861, John Tyler was elected to the Confederate House of Representatives, but died before he could serve a term
  • Death

    On January 18, 1862 John Tyler died of a stroke before he able to serve his term in Confederate House of Representatives. He was buried at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia, and was deemed a traitor in the north.