John Loke- Jc

  • John Locke`s date of birth

    john locke is born in England
  • Antony Ashily

    Anthony Ashley Cooper "Lord Ashley" who is an important British politician meets and befriends Locke
  • Locke becums physician

    Locke who is now Lord Ashley's personal physician supervises a liver operation that saves Lord Ashley's life and remarkably he lives another 15 years
  • ashly`s involvement

    Because of Lord Ashly`s involement in the new british colonies locke is asked to write the Fundamental Constitution of Carolina
  • essay concerning human understanding

    Locke wrights his first draft of the essay concerning human understanding, in it are ideas on natural law; based partialy on the wrightings of others
  • Period: to

    Locke`s promote

    Locke begins to write and promote the idea of the social contract, he may not be the first with the idea but his social status will make the idea popular
  • locke`s ideas abot revolution

    Locke`s ideas about reolution against a government are linked to a plot to kill the king. Locke flees to Holand, many that agreed with him and Lord Ashley are arrested for treason and some are killed
  • England`s revolution

    England`s glorius revolution; Locke is welcomed by the new king and returns to england
  • essay concerning human understanding

    essay concerning human understanding is pubilished by John Locke
  • treatisise to civil government

    two treatisise of civil government by John Locke is published
  • British board of Trade

    Locke is appointed to the British Board of Trade and even though his health is failing he is its most influential member
  • john locke dies

    john lock dies
  • deleceration of independince

    Thomas Jefferson borrows from locke`s ideas to wright the deleceration of independince