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  • Introduction

    Born John Winston Lennon on October 9th 1940. He was the only child born to Julia Stanley and Alfred Lennon. Born in Liverpool, England. He was a political activist, musician and composer.( "Lennon, John Ono 1940-1980). John Lennon was most notably known as being part of The Beatles. John Lennon's music still lives on.
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    John Lennon

  • The Beatles

     The Beatles
    In July 1957 John Lennon met Paul McCartney when John Lennon was playing at a gig in Liverpool, England, while still a student at The Liverpool College of Art. The group was originally called the Quarrymen before it was changed to Silver Beatles then being shortened to The Beatles. ("Lennon, John Ono 1940-1980.") By 1962 the Beatles that we all know were formed. The Beatles first single was "Love Me Do" which was released in October 1962. (Cooke)
  • The Beatles continued

     The Beatles  continued
    On February 9th 1964 the Beatles performed on the "Ed Sullivan Show." There were more than 70 million people who watched the Beatles perform on the show. ( "The Beatles Perform"). This was the first time the Beatles have been in America, 50,000 people wanted seats to the show. On September 12th, 1965 The Beatles went on the show one last time (The Beatles).They paved the way for a new generation of Rock musicians.
  • Activism

    John Lennon was an activist for anti-war efforts. His beliefs became very well known after he married Yoko Ono. One of John Lennon's anti-war campaigns was known as the "Bed Ins for Peace." He continued his activism by supporting the working class, protesting against the Vietnam War, and promoting world peace. (Whitehead)
  • Marriage

    John Lennon's first marriage was to to Cynthia Powell. They had one son born in 1963 named Julian.("Lennon, John Ono 1940-1980). They divorced soon after due to his affair with Yoko Ono with whom he married in 1969.Nobody knows when exactly John and Yoko met but it was between 1965 and 1966. (The John Lennon-Yoko Ono Love Timeline). They soon married later in Gibraltar at the Rock hotel.( John Lennon marries Yoko Ono).
  • Solo Career

     Solo Career
    John Lennon began his solo career in the 1970s. He formed a band with his wife Yoko Ono, called the John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band. Many of his songs were about anti-war efforts. One of his most iconic songs is Imagine.("John Lennon Biography.") Imagine (JohnLennonmusic).
  • Death

    John Lennon was killed outside his home in the Dakota in New York City. A delusional fan named Mark David Chapman shot him with a .38 in the chest and the back. He later died at the Roosevelt Hospital. (Nash). The next day president Jimmy Carter addressed the public about Lennon's death ("Carter"). For the following days, fans of Lennon gathered to mourn the loss of the singer. It has been said that it was the largest public response since John F. Kennedy. (Nash)