John Lennon

  • WW II starts

    World war 2 starts.John's real father was a pilot in this war.
  • John Lennon is born

    John Lennon was born this time at 6:30 P.M.
  • The bombing of Pearl Harbor happens.

    Pearl harbor gets bombed by the Japanese.
  • John Lennon is adopted into a new family.

    John is adopted under his Aunt Mimi. He lived there until he went to college.
  • John Lennon starts highschool.

    He starts highschool at this time and he was a "bad" student. He pranked, swore, got bad grades on purpose, and didn't pay attention.
  • John met Paul McCartney.

    John meets Paul and asks if he would like to form a band with him.
  • Originally formed the band Quarrymen with Geaorge Paul and himself.

    The "original Beatles was formed".
  • The Beatles first started

    The Beatles first started but Ringo Star was not the original drummer.
  • John Lennon gets married to Cynthia Powell.

    Lennon and Powell get married.
  • JFK is assasinated.

    John F. Kennedy was assasinated this day.
  • John and Cynthia get divorced

    After John cheated on Cynthia with Yoko Ono, She filed for a divorce this day and John said he would move away with his true love, Yoko Ono.
  • John Lennon gets remarried to Yoko Ono

    John Lennon gets remarried to Yoko Ono. They got married in no time in Gibraltar.
  • Beatles broke up.

    John wants to spend more time with Yoko so he breaks up the band.
  • John and Yoko Ono get divorced

    John and Yoko Ono gets divorced.
  • John Lennon is murdered

    John Lennon is murdered by Mark David Chapman. Chapman said that "God" had told him to shoot Lennon, he was admitted at a hospital because he "heard the voices of God and the devil", almost like when people see them on your shoulders.