John J. McKeithen

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  • Birth of John McKeithen

    Village of Grayson, South Carolina
  • Period: to

    John McKeithen

    Life of John J. McKeithen
  • Graduated College

    Louisiana State University
  • Married Marforie Funderburk

    Columbia, Louisiana
  • State Representative

    District 20 Caldwell Parish through 1952
  • LA Public Service Commissioner

    tDistrict 3 North LA through May 1964
  • Elected Governor

    49th Governor
  • Inaugurated as Governor

    1st term
  • Superdome Project ok'd

    sold on the idea to build LA a football stadium
  • Re-elected Governor

    2nd Term
  • Life Treatened

    After investigating labor-management racketeering
  • Sent LA National Guard troops into Baton Rouge

    to aide after a riot broke out and a curfew was set.
  • Signed legislature for name of Southeastern University

    changed from Southeastern Louisiana College
  • Signed bill to name LA Tech University

    Changed from LA Technical College
  • Death of John McKeithen

    Unspecified death