John George Haigh

  • John's Birth

    John's Birth
    John is born on July 24th 1909 in Stamford, England
  • John's First time

    John's First time
    John spends his first term in prison for stealing money from his first good job.
  • John's marriage

    John's marriage
    John marries Beatrice Hamer, there marriage only lasted four months.
  • John's Fault

    John's Fault
    John is sent to prison for fraud. While in prison Beatrice gives birth to a baby girl and she is given up for adoption.
  • Released

    On May 30th 1944 John was released from prison and became an engineer.
  • John's first victim

    John's first victim
    On September 9th 1944 John murdered his good friend/ employer. He hit him over the head with a pipe and drank his blood.
  • John's 5th and 6th murder

    John's 5th and 6th murder
    On February 12th 1945 after becoming close friends with the Henderson's he murdered them both. He took Mr. Henderson to Crawley and shot him. He then took Rose Henderson to his business store and shot her there.
  • Ms. Olive Durand Deacon

    Ms. Olive Durand Deacon
    Ms. Olive Deacon is murdered on February 20th 1945, once again at John's business store.
  • Investigation

    Investigation begins on John Haigh, the search for Olive Deacon continues. All of the tools and acid is found in John's business store as well as twenty eight pounds of body fat, a red purse, upper and lower dentures and part of a left foot all belonging to Olive Deacon.
  • John's Retaliation

    John's Retaliation
    After becoming fed up with William McSwan's parents trying and trying to find his where abouts he began to retalitate. He decided to murder both elderly McSwan's John Amy on July 2nd 1945.
  • Death

    On August 6th 1949 justice is served, John is convicted of the five murders and executed.