John Dupré

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    Who is John Dupré?

    John Dupré was born July 3rd, 1952 (age 67). He is a Professional philosopher of science with interests in life sciences. He has academic and Career interests in the fields of Philosphy of Science and the Philosophy of Biology.
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    Education and Career

    Dupré studied philosophy at Cambridge University between 1976-1981. He’s taught at three different Universities throughout his career: Stanford university’s department of philosophy (1982-1996), University of London at Birkbeck’s department of philosophy (1996-2000), & University of Exeter’s department of Sociology and Philosophy (1998-2012).
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    Other career accomplishments

    He's worked with Nancy Cartwright in the Philosophy of Science field. He's known to have similar views on Determinism as Karl popper, he believes in another concept based on intedetermistic views centered more on probability.
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    Philosophical and Scientific Contributions

    Views on the Philosophy of Biology: Dupré detest biological research programs in life science because he believes the field should remain skeptical and open to other interpretations based on the researchers prejudices and biases and view them as circumstances within the world. He believes that the center of biological evolution is based on and related to sociobiology and evolutionary psychology.
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    Other Works

    He has written and published 8 books consisting of:
    "Disorder of things"
    "Human nature and the limits of science"
    "Humans and other animals:
    "Darwin’s legacy"
    "The constituents of John Dupré, and Processes of life: essays in the philosophy of biology) and co-authored Everything Flows: Towards a processual Philosophy of Biology "
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    Other Academic Affiliations

    In 2010 he was inducted to the American Society for the Advanced Placement of Science in 2010. In 2011 he was the President of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science Association and served the organization until 2013. He's also served as Vice-President and President of the Philosophy of Science Association and is expected to be President for 2021-2022.
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    Other Philosophical and Scientific contributions

    He’s also scrutinizes the process of biological taxonomy. He believes due to classification being an made concepts they’re open to debate and reevaluation. His arguments on this issue have been compared to the arguments of Stephen Jay Gould, an evolutionary biologist.
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    Current Works

    His recent works are focused on the understanding of life as a dynamic, leading to the process of ontology. This field of study entails attempting to understand biology as a full-process center.
    - He’s currently working on a project called “A Process Ontology for Contemporary Biology” in which he aims to rethink prominent issues in the philosophy of biology and elaborate the ontology for biological systems that take account of the processes within the nature of living systems and things
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