John Dewey (1859-1952)

Timeline created by Rob Thomas
  • Born

    John Dewey was born in Burlington, Vermont to Archibald Sprague Dewey and Lucina Artemisia nee Rich.
  • Education in Philosophy begins

    Education in Philosophy begins
    Dewey would graduate from the University of Vermont in 1879. He would obtain a Bachelors of Philosophy and finish second in his class.
  • Johns Hopkins University

    Johns Hopkins University
    He would earn his doctorates at Johns Hopkins University in 1884. He would write his dissertation 'The Psychology of Kant’ during this time. This dissertation would argue against points the German philosopher Immanuel Kant had written.
  • ‘Psychology’ is published

    Dewey's 'Psychology', is published. This work would be his first book released. It dealt with Dewey's feelings that the mind was not merely isolated or subjective but free.
  • Democracy and Education

    Democracy and Education
    Dewey believed education was key to a functioning democracy. In Democracy and Education: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Education', he would describe how to incorporate new teaching methods. Here he would touch on student confidence, teaching methods, and how to include a student's upbringing so that the subject interests them. Below is a brief video on some of the goals of this book.
  • Visit to China

    Visit to China
    After a brief sabbatical to Japan, Dewey would go to China. Upon arrival, he would witness a protest stemming from the seeding of Chinese land taken from Germany in WW1. Being intrigued by the political climate, Dewey would stay for two more years. During those years, he would give hundreds of lectures that were well received.
  • Human Nature and Conduct

    Human Nature and Conduct would describe Dewey's thoughts on social learning processes. We are starting with impulses. Impulses are the sudden need to learn or obtain something for our good. Habits are next and form from interactions with family or routines. Lastly is the intelligible faze. More in-depth information is sought after because we cannot proceed with mere impulse or habits.
  • Passing

    Dewey would pass away on June 1, 1952, but his work changed the field of psychology forever. His impact is evident in schools across the nation today and will for future generations.