John C Pemberton

  • john was born

    john c pemberton was born on august tenth eighteen fourteen. he was the second born, to john and rebecca pemberton. he was born in Pennsylvania.
  • john joins the military

    john joins the military at age 19
  • john graduates the military acadamy

    John Pemberton graduated in the class of 1837 before being commissioned as an officer in the 4th Artillery.
  • john fought in the seminole war

    John C Pemberton fought in the Seminole War and then received awards for his bravery against the Mexican army.
  • john marries a northener

    Sometime during 1848 jonh c pemberton married a Virginian, by the name of Martha Thompson.
  • john resigns from federal army

    when the secession of his wife's home state virgina , in 1861, Pemberton resigns from the Federal army.
  • john switches sides

    Pemberton chose to resign his commission and join the Confederate cause, because of his wife martha
  • john recives promotion

    in the same year as when john resigns from the federal army john was made a brigadier general in the Confederate Army.
  • john recives another promotion

    pemberton is promoted to lieutenant general and then he is assigned command of the District of Mississippi and East Louisiana.
  • vicksburg

    Pemberton retreated to the Big Black River, where he fought lost. Pemberton tried to defend Vicksburg . even though Johnston told pemberton to escape with his army, was stubborn and stayed for more than six weeks, while the soldiers and civilians starved, because of his decision
  • john finally surrenders

    after john could no longer keep this battle going he finally surrendered. the union got control of the mississipi river
  • john dies