John A. Macdonald's Life by Salman Rauf

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    Life Span

  • Moved to Canada

    Moved to Canada
    In 1820 at the age of five John A. Macdonald moved from Scotland to Kingston, Ontario. Which is in Canada
  • Studied Law

    Studied Law
    In 1830 John A. Macdonald studied at George Mackenzie law office.
  • Qualified Lawyer

    In 1836 John A. Macdonald learnt enough law to be a qualified lawyer and opened his own law office.
  • Alderman

    From 1843-1846 John A. Macdonald served as an alderman in Kingston. !843 was his first year for politics.
  • Cabinet Post

    1847 was his first cabinet post in the Conservative administration.
  • Conservatives Lost

    Conservatives Lost
    In 1848 the Conservatives lost the elections.
  • Associate Prime Minister

    Associate Prime Minister
    In 1856 John A. Macdonald became the associate prime minister of Upper Canada
  • Deadlock

    In 1864 the provinces were deadlocked and couldn't decide. The discussion of a union of British colonies came up again. John A. Macdonald supported the idea of a union because of the deadlock and threat of American takeover.
  • New Coalition Design

    John A. Macdonald accepted the proposal for a new coalition design to solve the problems through a federal system. Became leading advocate of the union.
  • Knighthood

    John A. Macdonald was given knighthood to his name and now is Sir John A. Macdonald.
  • Prime Minister

    Prime Minister
    On this day Sir John A. Macdonald became the Prime Minster of Canada.
  • Task 1

    Task 1
    Wanted to get 4 provinces to be strong enough against the American takeover. Bought Red River Settlement and Manitoba was created
  • Lost Election

    Lost Election
    Lost election to the Liberal Party, but won again five years later
  • Transconitinental Line

    Completed the Transconitinental line across Canada for Railway Tracks.
  • R.I.P.

    Sir John A. Macdonald died on June 6th, 1891 and buried in Kingston, Ontario.