Johannes Brahms` Timeline

By Zenes
  • Born 7 May in Hamburg, Germany

    Born 7 May in Hamburg, Germany
    1833 Born 7 May in Hamburg, Germany
  • 1848 First public performance as a solo pianist

    1848     First public performance as a solo pianist
  • Brohms First Symphony

    Brohms First Symphony
    Brahms spent at least fourteen years completing this work, whose sketches date from 1854
  • Brohms` Returns

    Brohms` Returns
    Brahms returns to Hamburg. On the way, he spends four months in Detmold (a visit repeated in the autumn of the next two years), where he worked as court pianist, chamber musician, and Conductor of the Court Choir
  • Brohms` Moving

    Brohms` Moving
    Moves to Winterthür, to be near Theodor Kirchner
  • Brohms` Sad News

    Brohms` Sad News
    1865 31 January: Brahms's mother dies
  • Brohms` Father Dies

    Brohms` Father Dies
    1872 11 February: Brahms's father dies. In September Brahms accepts a position as Conductor of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde
  • second Pymphony

    second Pymphony
    The premiere was given on December 30, 1877 in Vienna under the direction of Hans Richter
  • Third Sympohny

    Third Sympohny
    The premiere performance was given on 2 December 1883 by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Brohms` Sister`s Death

    Brohms` Sister`s Death
    1892 Death of his sister Elise; death of Elisabeth von Herzogenberg
  • Brohms` Death

    Brohms` Death
    Died: April 3, 1897 - Vienna, Austria