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Jin K. Lee's Tailoring Career - A Brief History

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    Tailoring Career

  • Apprenticeship

    As a young teenager, Lee began learning the art of tailoring as an apprentice under his father, who also worked as a tailor.
  • Earns "Master Instructor" Recognition in South Korea

    Lee became one of 3 individuals designated as a "Master Instructor" by the Republic of Korea's "Custom Tailors and Designers Association of Korea"
  • Emigration to the United States

    With his wife and 2 sons, Jin Lee moved from Seoul, South Korea to the USA to become permanent residents. Initially, Lee and his wife worked as low-wage tailors, doing alterations for department stores.
  • Opening of 1st Tailoring Shop

    Lee opens his first tailoring and alterations store in Indianapolis, IN, near Allisonville Rd and 62nd Street. Early on, most of his business focused on alterations.
  • Lee Earns "Master Tailor" Award

    Lee earns a distinct honor and becomes officially designated "Master Tailor" by the International Tailoring Association
  • Lee's Custom Tailoring, INC

    Lee incorporates his own company, Lee's Custom Tailoring, INC. With a focus on custom-made and custom-designed men's suits, he opens his business on the north side of Indianapolis, in the Clearwater Crossing district.
  • Presentation at 28th World Congress of Master Tailors

    Lee gives a presentation at the 28th World Congress of Master Tailors at Interlaken, Switzerland. There he addressed the critical worldwide shortage of young people entering the industry.
  • Lee's Custom Tailoring moves to Keystone Ave and 71st St

    Lee's Custom Tailoring moves to Keystone Ave and 71st St
    Lee relocates his business to his current building, near Keystone Ave and 71st Street