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Jet Planes

  • Heinkel He 178

    Heinkel He 178
    LINKThe first jet was made by the Germans in 1939. it had a top speed was 435mph. It was a turbo-jet that flew a max of 124miles
  • messerschmitt 262

    messerschmitt 262
    The parts needed for the ME262 to fly was difficult because of the small amount of aircraft. So not many saw combat. Its 2 jet engines allows it to go faster than the other planes in WW2 But Hitler used it as a bomber which didnt allow it to reach its full potential.
  • GlosterE28

    Germans kept testing ideas of jets and they made the Gloster E28. This was purely a test plane. The Germanswere using it to see what different angels didwhat to the plane.
  • Gloster Meteor

    Gloster Meteor
    The first flight of the prodution fighters.They were made to fight in WW2.Most famously known for attempting to deal with V-1 doodlebugs. 2 jet engines were usedfor more control and more speed. But it used alot of fuelso it had a short range.
  • F84 Thunderstreak

    F84 Thunderstreak
    XP-84 was a prototype that was added with a General-Electric J-35-7 axial-flow engine, and straight wings. These inovations aloud for it to fly faster on less fuel. This became the F-84 Thunderjet.
  • F-86 Saber

    F-86 Saber
    The F-86 Saber was a straight-wing aircraft in its original design. But when German research was found, it was re-designed as a swept-wing aircraft so it could reach a faster speed and had more control.
  • Short Belfast

    Short Belfast
    The Belfast was made in response to a Royal Air Force requirement for a heavy lift freighter capable of carrying things military hardware, artillery pieces, 200 troops, helicopters and guided missiles over long ranges.
  • A-10 Thunderbolt(2)

    A-10 Thunderbolt(2)
    This plane was upgraded with a 30mm Gatling gun that can pound out 3,500 rounds per minute. It can also carry 14 missels. This plane was made because ground troops needed airsupport.
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  • TriStar

    3 engine airline plane with a total fuel load of 139,700kgs, which can be used by the aircraft itself, or given away to any needed aircraft. this aloud it to go fast and catch planes that needed fuel.
  • Typoon FGR4

    Typoon FGR4
    A multi-role combat aircraft, capable of being deployed in the full spectrum of air operations, from air policing, to peace support, through to high intensity conflict.To wings were added the nose in hope for more control. But the plane ended up being a failure