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Jaques Cousteau

By ihes61
  • Birth

    Jacques Cousteau born in Saint-André-de-Cubzac, in southwestern France, on June 11, 1910. His parents were Daniel and Elizabeth Cousteau.
  • Period: to


    Jacques Cousteau suffered stomach problems as a young child. He showed a lifelong passion for water and learned to swim at age four.
  • Boarding School

    Boarding School
    At 13, Jacques Cousteau when to boarding school. Also, he started to have a curiosity with mechanical objects.
  • Education

    Jacques Cousteau went to Ecole Navale (French Naval Academy) at Brest, France.
  • Car Accident

    In 1933, he got in a major car crash hat almost took his life. He began a journey and a fascination the underwater world during rehab.
  • Marriage

    In 1937, he got married to a women named Simone Melchior. After marriage they had two sons Jean-Michel and Phillipe Cousteau.
  • War World II

    War World II
    While living in Paris when they fell to the Nazis Jacques Cousteau and his family took refuge in a small town called Megreve, near the Swiss border. He join the French Resistance as a spy.
  • Invention

    Jacques Cousteau invented the aqualung, an device that took scuba diving to the next level.
  • Amazing Discovery

    In 1948, Jacques Cousteau and Philippe Tailliez, expert divers, and academic scientists found a roman shipwreck, Mahdia.
  • Book Published

    Book Published
    In 1953, The Silent World and later got a award winning film.
  • TV Show

    In 1968, Jacques Cousteau released "The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau" a nine season underwater exploration show staring Jacques Cousteau.
  • Invention #2

    Invention #2
    In 1980, Jacques Cousteau invented a sailing object called the Turbisail. This took sailing to another level.
  • Death

    On June 25, 1997, Jacques Cousteau died of a heart attack at the age of 87.