James Madison

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    James Madison

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    James Madisons Heroic Life

  • James Madison was born

    James Madison was born on March 16th 1751 in the state of Virginia
  • Madison joins Virginia Militia

    This date is when Madison steps up and makes a huge contribution the Virginia Militia
  • James Madisonsfirst joins Continental Congress

    James Madison joined the Continental Congress to help the Revoultinary War
  • James Madison goes to Constitional Convention

    James Madison represented Virginia at the Constitional Conevention
  • Madison helps writed the Federalists Papers

    When trying to ratifting the constitution Madison and others wrote the Federalists papers to convince them do it
  • Madison wins U.S House of Represntives seat

    James Madsion was elected to be choosen to be in the House of Represntives also and later helped write the amendments
  • Madison Sugests Bill Of Rights

    When the Constitution was being written Madsion suggested there should be a Bill Of Right which means humans basic rights
  • Madsion realizes checks and balances are needed

    Madison found out that the checks and Balances were needed so that the 3 brancehs would not overpower the other
  • James Madison gets Married

    James Madsion was married to Dolley Madison on Septemeber 15th 1794
  • Maddison appeals Embago Act

    In 1801 when Madison was president he had many problems and one of them was the Embargo Act.
  • Madison wins presidency

    Madison won precendcy in 1808 from the democratic republic party against Charles C. Pinckey
  • James Madison Dies

    James Madsion died due to sickness on 1836