James Cook

By Yoel5A
  • Born in Yorkshire

  • Period: to

    James Cook

  • Turns down a promotion with John Walker and joins the Royal Navy

  • Becomes a navigational officer onboard the HMS Pembroke

  • Stops being a navigational officer

  • Maps the coast of Newfoundland, in present-day Canada

  • Departs England to see the transit of Venus

  • Arrives at Matavai Bay

  • Observes the transit of Venus

  • Gets killed in Hawaii

    He gets stabbed in the back by one of theKaui's chiefs
  • Arrives at Botany Bay,Autralia

  • The Endavour returns to England

  • Starts his second voyage

    There he Discovers New Zeland and the East coast of Australia
  • Returns to England

  • Set sails it's third voyage

  • Discovers Hawaii

  • Returns to Hawaii

  • TheResolution returns to England without it's captain