Jailbreak lore (green Universe)

  • Fred Snatcher

    Fred Rodreges Snatcher was a dropout from high school and while his brother was pursuing his racing career, he was Distibuting alcohol for minors. His friends were thinking of moving to Albuquerque to follow the thug drug dream.
  • Fred moves to Albuquerque.

    Fred and co. call themselves the Coil and this starts the Coil clan and other drug sellers were quickly notified.
  • Period: to

    The Coil

    The Coil became one of the craziest and dangerous gangs.
  • The First new member

    The coils first member was thought to be an undercover cop but seeing no evidence of actual drug selling they were not arrested.
  • The loss of a Coil member.

    It was 3:00 in the morning and a drunk coil member by the name of Mark Durack crashed his 1984 mustang and he was going 90 in a 35 until the semi Infront of him stopped and he slammed into the back. after this event this changed the 20-year-old Fred had a new taste of blood.
  • A 13-year-old boy in Phoenix Arizona Joins a Gang

    A young Mexican male by the name of Zachary Parades Slab, recently joined a gang, A gang based around selling drugs. It was called the Tel.
  • Period: to

    The Tel

    The Tel was A mediocre gang that was formed in the 1980s by Armondo Giorno Bernier. The Tel is known for selling drugs in Phoenix and other cities nearby.
  • The Coil Achieved its 100 Member.

    This was the biggest the coil was at the time, and they celebrated there 50th member.
  • The Mass shootout in the coil

    The first battles in the coil were bad 19 wounded and 4 dead from the battle
  • Fred is a Millionaire

    The drugs are making Fred a lot of money therefore he can supply the coil with guns.