Jacob Martin

  • 440

    BC Democrtitus

    He discovered the Atomic Therory which is if you keep cutting a particle in half you will reach the atom which can not be cut. Atom came from the word atomos which is Greek and means can not be divided.
  • Dalton

    He was a British Chemist and teacher and expiermented with different substances and his results suggested that with correct poportions because they are made of single atoms.
  • Thomson

    He was a British scientist and showed there was a mistake in Dalton's theory. He showed that there are small particles in an atoms so atoms can be divided even smaller. He proved this with a cathode-ray tube and discovered electrons in that model.
  • Rutherford

    He was a former student of Thompson and wanted to test his teachers theory. Thomson's idea was that atoms are soft blobs of matter and go through the gold in a straight line. Rutherford's results were different some did go right through but others bounced off and some cam right back.
  • Rutherford

    He remodled his theory 2 years later so to help people understand it better he said than an atom is mostly empty space with a highly dense middle. He called that the nucleus because like charges repeled each other so when positivley charged particles go by the positive nucleus they will be pushed away.
  • Schrodinger

    An Austrailian physicist who with the help of Heisenberg proved that electrons do not have definate paths and the paths can not be predicted.
  • Heisenberg

    A German physicist who with the help of Schrodinger proved that electrons do not have definate paths and the paths can not be predicted.
  • Bohr

    He was a Danish scientist who worked with rutherford. He studied the way atoms react with light. His research concluded that electrons ran around the nucleus in certain paths. He showed that electrons can also jump paths from one level to another. The paths were like rungs on a ladder you can only stand on the rungs.
  • Aristotle BC

    He beleived that Democritus was wrong and had such an influence that people beleived he was right for a while but he was wrong.