Great Depression and WWII Timeline

By dfeurer
  • Stalin Creates Collective Farms

    The USSR took control of 25 million Russin farms and joined them into large collective farms. These farms were created as an effort to stimulate outflow of farms. economic
  • Militarists Seize Japanese Control

    Many Japanese blamed the government for the Great Depression. Military leaders rallied for support soon had won their dominance. They wanted to restore the original power, in which case the emperor became the symbol of power. political
  • Black Tuesday

    This was the day the US stock market crashed It was the beginning of the economic recession: The Great Depression. Economical
  • Hitler Breaks Treaty of Versailles

    Hitler ordered German troops to charge into Rhineland. French officials did not want to chance war and the British urged appeasement. political
  • Nanjing Rape

    The Rape of Nanjing was an act that the Japanese government is keeping from the world. Japanese troops raped and killed nanjing women as punishment. During this time around 200,000-300,000 people were killed in the process and 20,000-80,000 women were sexually assulted. cultural
  • Munich Conference

    Proposed by Mussolini, the meeting involved Great Britain, Germany, France, and Italy. The goal of the meeting was appeasement, or giving into another country's demands to avoid war. Political
  • Kristallnacht

    Nazi troops vandalized Jewish businesses, homes, and synagogues throughout Germany. Kristallnacht means th"The Night of the Broken Glass" which refers to all the glass that littered towns from various buildings. Social
  • Germany Declares War

    By creating a surprise attack on Polish land. German artillery started showering the Polish capitol city of Warsaw. political
  • Pearl Harbor Attacked

    This "day that will live in infamy" brought America into the World War that they had so desperately tried to avoid. The Japanese bombed this strategic naval base to assert their dominance of the Pacific Ocean region. Political
  • Period: to

    Battle of the Coral Sea

    To strengthen their position in the South Pacific, the Japanese decided to storm the Soloman Islands. The United States Navy concluded that that was not happening, and used their aircraft carriers to sink or damage Japanese Navy ships. This turned out as a victory for the Allies. military
  • Battle of Midway

    This was a strategic position for the United States to repel an attack on against the Japanese. To conquer them, they used a tactic called Island Hopping. They bounced from one island to another to defend themselves. Military
  • Storming the Beaches of Normandy (D-Day)

    On this day, allied forces launched landing craft and stormed the beaches of Normandy. They wished to advance their ground in the invasion of Normandy, but it cost them thousands of lives and they did not get a strong leading until the day after the initial attack. Military
  • Battle of the Bulge

    At one point, the Germans broke through allied defenses and created a bulging shape in their military line. The allies would push the Germans back and force them to continue fighting a two sided war. Military
  • Period: to

    Nuremburg Trials

    This was where International Military Tribunals tried former Nazi War Criminals against their actions during WWII. However, they were unable to try ranking officers such as Hitler, due to the fact they had committed suicide. Social
  • Hiroshima

    The US concluded that to defeat Japan, they would need to invade or utterly destroy their country. They thought the invasion would cost too many American lives and decided to nuke Japan, killing 70,000-80,000 people. Social
  • Japan Surrenders

    After years of fighting, the Japs finally surrender to the Allies. This marked the end of the second World War. political