Immigration Project By Keudy

By i'mGay
  • Alien and Sedition Act

    Alien and Sedition Act
    These four laws limited/ stopped the rights of immigrants.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    Chinese Exclusion Act
    This act did not allow Chinese Immigrants to become American Citizen's until they are there for ten years.
  • alien contract labor laws

    alien contract labor laws
    they kept foreigners to stop paying for transportation.
  • immigration act

    immigration act
    this immigration act banned all sixteen and over people who were illiterate.
  • the chinese exclusion repeal act

    the chinese exclusion repeal act
    thie permitted chinese resiting to become nautraulized citiens.
  • war brides Act

    war brides Act
    the law banned Asian immigrants and allowed adopted children and souces to migrate if they were part of the U.S military.