By Nick6
  • 1790

    Passed a Law defining who could become a citizen if a person was not born here: Citizenship possible if "Free White Person"
  • 1880 and 1920

    1880 and 1920
    Heaviest time of immagration, around 25 million immagrants arrived.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882

    Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
    No Chinese laborer could enter the Us for 10 yrs.
  • Quota Act of 1921

    Quota Act of 1921
    Congress sets up quotas favoring immgrants from northwestern Europe; the Immigration Act of 1924 expands he quota system: immigration from any country is limited to 2% of its total numbers in the 1890 census.
  • Immigration Act of 1924

    Immigration Act of 1924
    country's immigrants were limited to 2% of foreign-born residents from that country listed in the US Census of 1890
  • 1965 Immigration Reform Act

    1965 Immigration Reform Act
    Ablishing the quota system based on national origin.
  • Immigration Reform and control Act of 1986

    Slow illegal immigration by punishing employers who knowingly hired undocumented immigrants, and offer a way for long term undocumented immigrants to become legal.
  • Immigration Act of 1990

    No country could account for more than 7% of total immigrants. Also, considersa person'seducationand skills. Set up special categories for war refugees or close relatives of American citizens.
  • Immigration Reform Act of 1996

    increased the border patrol staff and stifffend penalties for creating false citizenship papers or smuggling undocumented workers.
  • 2007

    fill short term labor needs through a guest worker program and strengthend border control. Senate voted bill down.