IB Diploma History HL Historical Timeline

  • Bloody Sunday

    Bloody Sunday
    Lead by Father Gapon, a peaceful demonstration was organized to hand in a number of petitions from the middle and lower classes to the Tsar Nicholas II, however, fearing a riot, he ordered the imperial guard to massacre the peaceful protestants, the date was known as "Bloody Sunday"
  • Period: to


    (ending day and month uncertain)
  • Putilov Engineering Works March

  • International Women's Day March

  • Tsar Nicholas II Falls From Power

    Tsar Nicholas II Falls From Power
    With declining economy and terrible working conditions, the Tsar is forced to abdicate from power, both workers and soldiers intercept his train going back from the frontline.
  • The Petrograd Soviet is Stablished

    Designed to work together with the Provisional Government, the Petrograd Soviet was mainly conformed of Social revolutionaries (Mensheviks, Bolsheviks), soldiers and Workers
  • The Provisional Government is stablished

    In order to replace the Tsar, a new system had to be integrated to the Russian government, the Provisional Government would work parallel to the Petrogra Soviet, in order to bring forth the reforms that the peasants so desperately need. This was conformed by Liberals who wanted to adopt a government more similar to the democracy in Great Britain.
  • The Balfour Declaration

    The Balfour Declaration
    A Letter written by the British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Befour to the British Jewish community and specifically, the Zionist Jews (those who believed the Jews deserved ahomeland). This Letter basically said that Britain supported the stablishment of a Jewish state in Palestine.
  • Period: to

    British Mandate System for Palestine

  • Vilna (LON)

    Vilna was made the capital of Lithuania, Its population was largely polish. The polish army took contol of it.
    Lithuania appealed to the league for help. League did nothing because French didnt want to upset Polidh because they were seen as a possible ally against Germany.
  • Upper Silesia 1921

    It was a industrial region between Germany and Poland. Both countries wanted control of the land because of its iron and steel industry. A plebicite was made where people voted on which country to join. Industrial areas became German, rural areas became Polish.
  • Aaland Islands

    Sweden and Finland wanted control. League gave islands to Finland.
  • Stablishment of Mandatory Palestine (Day not clear)

    Stablishment of Mandatory Palestine (Day not clear)
    Better known as the British Mandate of Palestine. This was the mandate system in which Palestine was handed to the British who were encharged of looking after Palestine to make sure it could reach its indipendence.
  • 1929 Palestine Revolts

    1929 Palestine Revolts
    The Jews were having a ritual in the middle of the rests of salomon's temple, the western wall, holy sanctuary for the Arab people, and the jews decide to place a number of chairs in the site, this pisses off the Arabs, this results in a fight which turns into a riot that kills 133 Jews and 110 Arabs.
  • The Shaw Report (Day not clear)

    Sir Walter Shaw was sent to Palestine to evaluate the situation after the 129 Palestine riots. he said that the main cause of the conflict was that the Arabs felt threatened by the recent increase in Jewish immigration and the fact that all Jews got a hold of all the land in Palestine. He asked to: put a limit on Jewish immigration and the ammount of land they could buy,and state their position with the Arabs. And so, they do, this pisses off the Jews because since its a contradiciton to balfour
  • Palestinian General Strike

    Palestinian General Strike
    Weisman decided to write a letter to the British Prime minister that later came to be called as the "Black Letter". People begin to kill each other, this forces Britain to send in a guy callled Mr. Peel to see how to sort out the problem. He proposes a two-state solution. This pisses off both sides and ends up in another fight that kills a British guy called Lewis Andrews, this pisses off the British and they send in troops to stomp on the two sides.
  • The White Paper

    The White Paper
    The British Government under Neville Chamberlain issues a policy paper that proposed a single-state solution, both Jews and Arabs would live together, this again dissapoints both sides.
  • WWII Kicks In

    WWII Kicks In
    With this, David Bengurien is declared Top Jew (jajaja), this being the most important Jew there is, and he declares that the Jewish people would fight with Britain against Hitler (not surprising seeing Hitler treated the Jewish with such hospitality...) famous quote, "We will fight the germans as if there wasn't a white paper, and they'd fight the White paper as if there wasn't a war".
  • Biltmore Conference

    Biltmore Conference
    A conference carried out in NYC between Americans and Jewish. This produced the Baltmore Declaration, which stated that the United States of America would supported the unlimitted migration of Jews into Palestine and the stablishment of an indipendent Jewish State. This was under the table, meaning it stirred up a lot problems and really pissed off the "Top Jew"(jajaja) (David Ben Gurion.
  • Potsdam Conference

    Potsdam Conference
    It is in this conference that the differences between Russians and Americans begin to differ greatly. Potsdam COnference
  • Period: to

    The Cold War

  • WWII Ends

    WWII Ends
  • The Long Telegram

    The Long Telegram
    In this telegram, George kennan says that the Soviets have always had the same aim, world wide revolution, workers of the world unite, they´re expansionists, it is because of this telegram that the USA lays its foundations for the lack of trust they have on the communists.
  • The Iron Curtain Speech

    The Iron Curtain Speech
    Winston Churchill, now growing old, gives a really important speech called the ¨Iron Curtain Speech¨, in which he explains that an iron curtain has fallen in the middle of Europe, dividing it in two sides, east, and west, this becomes the foundation for the separation of the Cold War.
  • King Arthur Hotel Bombing

    King Arthur Hotel Bombing
    The British Army HeadQuarters set up in the King Arthur hotel is bombed by the right wing Zionist Organization "Irgun". 91 people of various nationalities are killed and 46 are injured. The British Inteligence actually recieved a warning, but when asked, the british soldier answered in a very egocentric way "We don't take orders from the Jews", This is the final memo Britain recieves to demonstrate it's need to retire, and so, they do, and they hand it to the recently established UN.

    The British hand the Palestinian mandate to the United Nations Special Comission of Palestine, a comission of the UN. The UNSCOP basically decided to split Palestine into two separated states, this really ticks off the Arabs and the Jews, this triggers off a bloody civil war in which groups of Jews masacre Arab kids, women and men of all ages, a fight between the Televeeve port and Jerusalem gives the last push that triggers the modern day disputes between the Arabs and the Jews
  • The State of Israel comes to be

    The State of Israel comes to be
    The state of Israel comes to be with help of the Palestinian Arabs, all countries that had a border with Israel declare war and try to invade, the Israel Army pushed all of them back.
  • The Berlin Blockade Begins

    At the beginning of 1948, the west side began to do their own thing, they introduced a new currency for the west side. This dissapointed Stalin a lot, and so, he diceded to place a blockade between Berlin and the west side.
  • The Berlin Blockade comes to an end

    The Berlin Blockade comes to an end
    Following the lines of the truman doctrine, American planes began to fly into Berlin carrying supplies for the people in Berlin. arounf 275 thousand flights were done during this period, a plane arrived every 20 minutes to the airport. Having tested the Truman Doctrine's resolve, Stalin decided to back off and retire the Berlin Blockade.
  • Nasser Incident (1)

    Nasser Incident (1)
    Gamel Abdar Nasser comes to power with the use of a military coup in Egypt. he was massively popular and he wanted to kick out the British and the French. The Americans wanted to gain an Arab friend so they could trade oil with them, to support the Cold War effort. And so, the Americans lend Nasser money to build the Aswan Dam. However, Nasser wanted to re-arm Egypt, so he decided to buy weapons from Czechozlovakia, who's an ally with Russia, this upsets the Americans.
  • Nasser Incident (2) (Suez Canal incident)

    Nasser Incident (2) (Suez Canal incident)
    Nasser decided to ask money lent from Russia, this freaks out the British and the French, and worse, he decides to nationalize the Suez Canal, the thing is, the British and French could not invade because Nasser was currently assossiated with Russia, so they did a pact with Israel to declare war on Egypt, British troops would march in and take over the canal and cut the border, and they did. Thing is, this was under the table, when the Americans find out, they destroy British and French economy.
  • DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER comes to power

    DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER comes to power
  • STALIN DIES (Beginning of THAW period)

    STALIN DIES (Beginning of THAW period)
    He's succeeded by Nikita Krushchev, which denounced him as a criminal and a bad person in the "Secret Speech" at the 20th Congress of the Communist Party. This Begins the Period of the THAW. (Relaxation Of Tension between the West and the East)
  • Period: to

    Thaw Period

  • The Battle of Dien Bien Phu

    The Battle of Dien Bien Phu
    The French had always been the rulers of Vietnam, however, a guy called Ho Chi Minh led a revolution against the French fighting for indipendence, and so, the dien ben phu marked the end of the conflict and the victory of the Viet-minh group leaded by Ho Chi Minh.
  • The Geneva Summit

    The Geneva Summit
    The summit was called in to discuss issues between the big four (The Soviet Union, France, Britain and America). One of the decissions was to divide Vietnam in the 17th parallel. Laos, Cambodia and both south and north Vietnam came to be in this Summit. Nyo Dinh Diem was elected for south vietnam (He was massively unpopular) and north vietnam was ruled by Ho Chi Minh (He was massively popular).
  • Period: to

    The Vietnam War

  • The Hungarian Revolution

    With poverty growing and facing a hard opposittion from their people, Hungary begins a process of revolution in which the people of Hugary try to overthrow their communist government. Russia responds by sending the red army and crushing all opposittion, a lot of people are killed in the incident, but the opposition is controled.
  • Cuban Revolution

    Cuban Revolution
    Fidel Castro leads a revolution in Cuba to overthrow Batista. He nationalises the sugar production, hekiks out the American, he kicks out the mafia and corruption. America decides to cut off the sugar income and stops buying sugar from Cuba, Castro was Communist, so Russia decides to buy all of Cuba's sugar to aid Castro with his resolve.
  • U2 Incident (End of THAW period)

    U2 Incident (End of THAW period)
    Francis Gary Powers was having a routinary spying flight over Russia, when he's shot down and captured, this was two weeks before a meeting between the east and the west, at the beginning, the Americans denied the event, but upon demostration of evidence and the captured pilot, they gave in and confessed, this was an embarrassment to the USA, this marks the end of the Thaw period.
  • JOHN F. KENNEDY Comes to Power

    JOHN F. KENNEDY Comes to Power
  • The Bay of Pigs Invasion

    The Bay of Pigs Invasion
    America decided to encourage a military movement against Fidel Castro, and they aided the militia by giving them weapons and training them to overthrow Castro, however, they failed. This was a massive humiliation to Kennedy. U2 Spy Planes began to fly over Cuba after this incident.
  • The Berlin Wall is built

    The Berlin Wall is built
    Berlin Wall StructureKrushchev tests out Kennedy's resolve by dividing Berlin, and later on the west, by building a wall and a system to prevent east peoples from leaving communist rule.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis (16-28)

    Cuban Missile Crisis (16-28)
    This confrontation consisted in a 13-day period of tension between the USA and the Soviet Union, the conflict consisted in the American suspition that the Soviets were placing Nucear Misiles in Cuba, this conflict almost set off the Nuclear war. however, the naval Blockade that was placed by the Americans in cuba didn't find any nuclear weapon in any of the Soviet ships bound to Cuba.
    This conflict created the hot line between the Kremlin and the White house.
  • Ngo Dinh Diem is shot

    Ngo Dinh Diem is shot
    The leader of South Vietnam, resented by his people for being a very unhonest and corrupt person, is shot.
  • LYNDON B. JOHNSON Comes to Power

    LYNDON B. JOHNSON Comes to Power
  • Gulf of Tonkin Incident

    Gulf of Tonkin Incident
    The USA couldn't openly declare war on a country, however, the US destroyer USS MADOXX was cruising in formation with a Carrier through the gulf of Tonkin when it recieved fire from three Vietcong (north-vietnamese guerrilla) torpedo boats. the destroyer wasn't... destroyed... but president Johnson used this as an excuse to declare war on Vietnam.
  • The Gulf of Tonkin resolution

    Following the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the resolution gave green light to the American invation of North Vietnam, and so, the offitial Vietnam War Began.
  • LEONID BREZHNEV Comes to Power

    LEONID BREZHNEV Comes to Power
  • Period: to

    Detente (Day/Month uncertain)

  • The Czechoslovakian Revolution

    Poverty arrising in Czechoslovakia, the people began to create riots and public demonstrations. The Czech government calls for help from the Soviet Union and once again, the red army is sent to deal with the problem, and once again, the opposition is crushed in a brutal way.

    He begins a process called VIETNAMISATION, which is said to be the excuse for the USA to leave the Vietnam War. The USA would train the Vietnamese troups in order to hold by themselves the VietCong. Unfortunately, this was a very faulty policy, and the policy was often caled a failure. Later on, peace talks begin
  • Operation Breakfast

    Operation Breakfast
    In order to put pressurre on north Vietnam, The USA launched this operation to begin a process called "Diplomacy Through Terror", they would bomb Laos, Cambodia and North Vietnam, around 110 thousand tons of bombs were dropped, the Ho Chi Minh trails were all destroyed. This was all done underneath a table, mainly because Nixon was sending in planes and troops to other countries besides North Vietnam, this wasn't aproved by the congress.
    This set off opposition by the American students.
  • SALT 1

    SALT 1
    The "Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty" was signed by the Soviet Union and the ISA, this put a limitation in the number of ICBM's (Inter Continental Ballistic Missile) that each country could have, together with SLBM's (Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile).
  • The Americans Officially retire from Vietnam

    The Americans Officially retire from Vietnam
  • GERALD FORD Comes to Power

    GERALD FORD Comes to Power
  • Saigon Falls to Vietcong, Vietnam goes Communist

    Saigon Falls to Vietcong, Vietnam goes Communist
  • JIMMY CARTER Comes to Power

    JIMMY CARTER Comes to Power
  • First Polish Pope Elected

    First Polish Pope Elected
    The first Polish pope is elected, Pope John Paul II is elected, this gives a lot of pride to the Czech people, this is one of the causes that trigger the velvet revolution.
  • RONALD REAGAN Comes to Power

    RONALD REAGAN Comes to Power
    He HATED Communism, and he was hated by the media, speccially when he decided to start the development of a Strategic Defense Initiative, a method to shoot down ICBMs from space, the media often called these "Reagan's Star Wars".
  • YURI ANDROPOV Comes to Power


  • MIKHAIL GORBACHEV Comes to Power

    MIKHAIL GORBACHEV Comes to Power
    He did a series of things from the very beginning:
    -- He retired troops from Afghanistan.
    -- Stop support of left-wing governments.
    -- Reduce defense expendature.
    -- Asks money from the west (the Soviet economy was in real trouble).
    -- He implemented two policies:
    1. Perestroika (Re-structure): He wanted to CHANGE the communist system, not eiminate it, but he wanted to improve it b changing certain things.
    2. Glasnost (open): Gorbachev encouraged the Soviet people to criticize Comunism.
  • GEORGE H. W. BUSH Comes to Power

  • Tadeusz Mazowiecki comes to power

    Poland had always taken pride in having a Polish elected pope, in the late 1970's, polish opposition struck again the communist government, however, this time, Gorbachev didn't send the red army to Poland, and so, the non-communist organisation called SOLIDARITY forced the government to have a semi-free elections, and the first non-communist leader was elected in Poland, after this, the Communist system began to crumble.
  • The Berlin Wall Falls

  • The Velvet Revolution

    A peaceful movement of change arises in Czechozlovakia, an estimted of 500,000 people went on strike against the Communist government in a peaceful way, overthrowing the Communist Government
  • Period: to

    The Miracle Years

    During this, the Berlin wall fell, the communist system broke down and the east countries began to have elections or peaceful revolutions.