Ian Hacking (Feb 18, 1936-today)

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  • Ian Hacking's life

    Ian Hacking's life
    Hacking was a Canadian philosopher was a renowned award winner type of man, including numerous awards such as the Killam Prize in humanities Balzan Prize. He specialized in the philosophy of science and statistics. He idolized and was influenced by many known philosophers like Thomas Kuhn and Paul Feyerabend the led him to be known for his upbringing of the approach of adding history into the philosophy of science.
  • Hacking's Philosophical Work

    Hacking's Philosophical Work
    Hacking was a main component in entry realism, which is a type of scientific realism that answers to scientific unknowns that are hypothesized by mature sciences, but are also skeptic towards scientific theories.
  • The Emergence of Probability

    The Emergence of Probability
    From the seventeenth century to the nineteenth Hacking spend the majority of his time in the development of probability, including his major works, The emergence of probability, and The Taming of Chance. Ian defined probability as a type of random mathematics and chance that was not noticed until the Renaissance period where Ian defined probability as "a duel". With his ontological aspects he used randomizing devices like coin and dice in a number of trials he states transcendental nominalism.
  • Hacking's Contributions

    Hacking's Contributions
    Ian's Awards include Killian Prize and Holberg International Memorial Prize.
    Just Some of His Books include "The Logic of Statistical Inference", "The Emergence of Probability", The Taming of Chance", and "Why Does Language Matter to Philosophy?".
  • Ian Hacking video

    In this video Hacking describes the scientific theory from Bacon's Theories to Popper's theories on scientific theory and how it was changed and crystalized and the theoretic's of the scientific method. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIBAuE-Cbic
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