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Ian Hacking (1936-Now)

  • Birth

    Ian Hacking was born on February 18, 1936 in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.
  • Education

    Hacking earned his undergraduate degree from the University of British Columbia in 1956
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    Undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Physics and Moral Science and then earned his PhD at Cambridge in 1962.
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    Teaching Career

    Hacking started his teaching at Princeton University in 1960 but moved to the University of Virginia as an assistant professor in 1961. Hacking taught his alma mater at Cambridge from 1964 to 1969. He later moved to Stanford University in 1974. After teaching at Stanford, he spent a year at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Bielefeld, Germany from 1982 to 1983.
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    Books Written from 1965-1989

  • Book: "The Taming of Chance"

    Book: "The Taming of Chance"
    Hacking wrote "The Taming of Chance" in 1990. This book was later translated into Spanish in 1991, Italian in 1994, Japanese in 1999, Chinese in 2000 and Turkish in 2005.
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    Books Written from 1990-2015

  • Awarded Professor of Philosophy

    Awarded Professor of Philosophy
    Hacking received a promotion to Professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto in 1983. Then later in 1991, he was awarded the highest honor at the University of Toronto as the University Professor
  • Book: " Rewriting the Soul"

    Book: " Rewriting the Soul"
    Hacking wrote "Rewriting the Soul, Multiple Personality and the Sciences of Memory" is about the influences that shape people's lives and their ability to understand the lives of those around them.
  • Killam Prize

    Hacking was awarded the first Killam Prize which rewarded to someone who distinguish themselves in the fields of social, human, natural, or health science for their outstanding achievements.
  • Retired from Teaching

    From 2008-2010, Hacking taught at UC Santa Cruz. He ended his teaching career in 2011.
  • Balzan Prize

    Ian Hacking is rewarded the Balzan prize, which is an US award that recognizes scholars or scientists who have distinguished themselves in their fields.