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Hunt: The life of John Lennon

  • world history event: German war

    world history event: German war
    The German war started long before John was born, but was still going on the day he was born.
  • Birth

    Johns mother was named Julia Lennon and his dad named Alfred Lennon also known as Fred Lennon. Little did he, or his parents know that he would grow up to become the founder of The Beatles and the lead vocals and main song writter of the band.
  • Period: to

    Birth and death

  • Challenge: Dad in jail

     Challenge: Dad in jail
    When John was only 8 months old, his dad was caught with liquor stolen from a ships cargo and was put in jail.
  • world history event:Veitnam war

    world history event:Veitnam war
    The Veitnam war ended in 1975, five years before John Lennon was assassinated.
  • world history event: Racial segregation ended!

    world history event: Racial segregation ended!
    All forms of racial segregation had been decared unconstitutional by the supreme court. Also,legal segregation had been dissolved.
  • significant person:Paul McCartey

    significant person:Paul McCartey
    In 1957, John Lennon met Paul McCartney. Then John invited him into a musical group and they later made the band "The Beatles" Paul played the bass guitar and did vocals as well.
  • significant person:George Harrison

    significant person:George Harrison
    Another member of The Beatles was George Harrison who joined in 1957. He played the main guitar in the band and in addition did vocals.
  • acheivment:"The Beatles"

    acheivment:"The Beatles"
    John Lennon founded the band "The Beatles" with his close friend Paul McCartney in 1960.
  • acheivment:The Beatles first single

    acheivment:The Beatles first single
    The Beatles released their first single called "love me, do" in 1962.
  • significant person: Ringo Starr

    significant person: Ringo Starr
    Ringo Starr was a member of The Beatles and joined August, 1962 and played the drums and also did vocals
  • The death of John

    The death of John
    John Lennon died at an early age when he was assassinated outside of his apartment by an obssesed fan. John did accomplish a lot over his life though. A memorial was made in New York, New York in his honor.